Welcome Back Notes Plus


I was on the beta testing team 3-4 years ago, which also had a community that was later closed down. I have seen most work on this project die down over the last 3-4 years and was worried that eventually, this product was going to die off. It seemed that most of the updates that I saw had to do with bug fixes with very little new upgrades and features being added. Notes Plus is a great app but has fallen behind other like products when it comes to features, updated looks, covers, etc.

I must admit, I have slowly moved away from Notes Plus to other apps. I really hated the decision but in the past 3-4 years this app has gotten really behind. I look forward to Beta Testing the new apps and I really hope that in the future I will grow back to loving this app like I did in the past.

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Sadly i agree with you. it lagging behind a lot. only monthly bug fixes with many basic functions not well implemented like zooming out. but they can come back if they just focus on the basics.