We need a status update, please


I would imagine the Notes Plus team is in full-on crisis management mode and you are working very hard to find a solution. But we need an update. What’s going on?

Currently, I am able to access most, if not all of my notes, once I find the correct note among all the duplicate names. But it is very hard to say because the app is soooooo slow right now. When I try to navigate to the notes plus folder in iCloud either in the iPad files app, or accessing it via desktop web browser, the folder is no longer visible.

When I go to settings>icloud>manage storage>notes plus it tells me that I have 8.4 Gb worth of documents and data there. But clicking on any of the categories below (“Notebooks copy”, “Trash”, “Documents”, “Recordings”, “Notebooks”) does not show many things at all, and only comprising about 3 Gb of data (almost all of it in the recordings, which I actually rarely use).

I am very nervous about turning off iPad sync and taking any of the steps recommended in any of the other support posts, because it seems like previous attempts to make the situation better have made it much, much worse. I would like to retain the ability to export all the notes to .pdf files at the very least. They will no longer be searchable, but at least I will be able to painstakingly find information when I really need it.

So what’s the plan? Thanks.


Hi @tbwampler,

It’s Duy from Support team here, let me update you the status of this fiasco. We’re working around the clock since v6.2. The app is slow must be caused by your data duplication, it could fill up your iCloud storage very quickly when it happened. Try this Troubleshooting "data duplication" problem caused by cloud syncing feature in v6.2 to remove duplicated data (we’d suggest to copy entire “Notes Plus Beta” folder to local folder, it’s a backup of your Notes Plus data so you can always revert back later.

Once you’ve created a backup, while waiting for our updates for iCloud, you can just turn off iCloud sync under Library > Auto Backup > tap “Stop” and choose to not keep iCloud data. You’ll see the library notebook is empty now.

For the backup, find the .npn that aren’t appended with the numbers at the end of the name, move them into a folder on your computer (from the backup created earlier). Then, compress everything as .zip file, then drag it into Notes Plus Documents via iTunes File Sharing (see https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201301). Re-open Notes Plus and you can use the app with your notebooks.

Now, you can manually remove duplicated data on iCloud.

The data duplication issue caused by our data migration tool stucked/crashed or it was from earlier version v6.1. New notebooks with iCloud sync on v6.2 should not be duplicated.

We’re fixing these issues now.


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, as I stated in the original post, the “Notes Plus Beta” folder is no longer visible in iCloud. It was previously during the course of this crisis, but is no longer there. I didn’t delete it. It just isn’t there anymore. In reading the other posts, this does not appear to be unique to my case.


Could you please try a few more things:

(1) Open iPad’s Settings, tap on the first row (your Apple ID account), then tap “iCloud”, tap “Manage Storage”, do you see Notes Plus listing there with the data size it takes on iCloud Drive?

(2) Some users couldn’t see “Notes Plus” folder on iCloud Drive under Files.app - but strange they’re visible when you sign into www.icloud.com on a web browser (from your Mac/Windows).

Could you please double check and confirm if they’re not showing in those 2 places too?


The information you request in (1) is found in my post above:

I also addressed question (2):