Viewing notebooks on Mac


I use my iPad Pro to take notes and want the notebooks to be synced in iCloud and available to retrieve/view on my Mac. I cannot find this. please help


Activate backup option in the app menu, and select iCloud as your cloud service


Notesplus files are stored as proprietary .npn files + thumbnails in the cloud so when you open the files stored in icloud you will only be able to view the thumbnails using preview, not the .npn file. The thumbnails are tiny pixellated views of each page. If you want real ipad-mac functionality you’ll have to switch to another app. Noteshelf is ipad and Catalina ready and IMHO the best choice. Goodnotes is also another option but you can only view the files as PDF’s on your mac, so you can’t modify the files between your ipad and your mac, as you can with Noteshelf.


The NPN files are an archive.

You can open them in finder and see the contents which are the same as before - a folder structure with web pages and SVG files of your handwriting.


Can I have them auto sync with iCloud in a pdf format? I ask as when viewing them in native format they are thumbnails in iCloud and the resolution is rather poor.