Version 6.2.1 improvements and experiences


I can’t trust the the sync function and haven’t used it. I just returned using the app for the writing experience then i export to Goodnotes. That’s my set up until the team here fix the app.


It’s not working smoothly for me. App shuts down repeatedly now. It’s trying to go through the update process again, and thankfully it’s not re-duplicating all my notebooks (so far) but it can’t complete the process and shuts down. There are several comments in the big 6.2 thread.

As with Truth-seeker, I turned off my iCould and auto Backup stuff and it’s still syncing with iCloud anyway… so that didn’t even matter. Not sure what that’s about. I would avoid doing anything with the app until they figure out something that works.

Hope you get it figured out soon!


I noticed a slowdown: is slower to pass from one note to another and if I scroll the blocks. Furthermore there is still the problem of the writing zoom window that occasionally frames a different area … I do not trust to enable iCloud synchronization … but at the moment I have no other problems.


There are also some issues with Dropbox sync stemming from the new file format implementation.


This is a repost from the “Random textual data loss…” thread four days ago. I’m not getting any responses over there, so thought it might also be germane to this thread as well - and maybe get noticed a little more quickly:
OK, things have improved since the May release. I have been tentatively using the app - still doing paper in tandem as a precaution. This relates to v6.2.1 on an fifth gen iPad running iOS 12.3.1. I do not use iCloud backup and never have. Good news? Mostly notebook changes are retained across app and iPad restarts, sleep mode, etc. I use a mixture of PDF forms that I write and type information on, and others that are standard built-in notebook pages on which I add mixed data - typed and written text and photos from the iPad camera roll. I have one pressing issue right now: Write protecting a notebook either from inside the notebook or from the library view causes the notebook to become inaccessible - it doesn’t kick you out, but once you leave the notebook the library view shows the name but it is greyed out with the lock indicator showing and totally unresponsive. Tapping on it does nothing. Using the Edit control adds a select radio button to all the other notebook names but the newly write-protected notebooks. I have observed this behavior for two recently created notebooks. All older notebooks, including read-only ones, behave normally and can be read and copied to other folders. Parallel use of paper notebooks and printing out new notebook pages saved me. This data is extremely important. The app has now locked me out of two notebooks. Help!


I’ve had nothing but problems since update. Lost documents and have so many multiples that I’m afraid to delete any of them. I’d do however have some lost files in icloud that I have on hard drive, if I go in and check every note individually. I have notes from 2017 and most are missing or incomplete. I loved this app until update. Every update to fix the update has not brought complete resolutions. Something seems to go wrong with every update to fix update.

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The latest update is disappointing.
I’m still waiting for an update that automatically deletes the tons of copies of notes and leaves the original and working notes behind. I have already been losing several days of trying whithout any result. Notes keep multiplying…
At the moment, that’s still a lang way to go.
So long I’m using another app, which is working fine.


We’ve been fixing some issues with our data migration process, but that wouldn’t clean up any extra copies have been created from previous migration running rounds. We realize this has something on both our & iCloud sides and it makes things harder to troubleshoot or fix all cases in just one release. Ideally, users who’re getting a lot of issues with iCloud Drive syncing due to recent releases could temporarily disable iCloud syncing functionality within Notes Plus and use iTunes backup as a temp solution. The app is working pretty stable without iCloud sync. From feedback of new users, the syncing works stable now.

There are some small issues here and there caused by iCloud Drive syncing from our code which we can fix in subsequent updates.

If you’re still experiencing issues (try with new notebooks), kindly update us how the app behaves and what steps do you perform that causes Notes Plus works wrongly. We’ll fix them eventually.


@duynguyen I disagree with your assertion that the problem is related to iCloud backup. I use dropbox and the same problems exist there. In fact many of these problems existed in the beta versions!

So I pose these questions to you and Viet.

  1. What was the rush to prematurely elevate the beta to release?

  2. Why haven’t you offerred a roll-back version for those of us who were able to rely on Notes Plus for daily work using iTunes or Dropbox backup? The problem clearly follows the NPN file format and Notes Plus handling of those files; not the cloud provider! We Dropbox users can easily attest to this.

I hope for all our sakes that a resolution to restore customer confidence can be arrived at soon. Reading the forum indicates many disgruntledcustomers contemplating a migration to another app. I find it difficult to believe hat you have so many iCloud users that you are willing to abandon your roots to alienate legacy users. I cannot purport to know your business plan, in this case, but I think it’s ill advised at this point.

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Dropbox is simply not woking to backup NotesPlus. Files created and updated after the release of 6.2.1 are blank in Dropbox. Also, after removing all the duplicate files created from the previous update, 6.2.1 seems to have created several (not many and random) new duplicate notebooks. These new duplicates are non .npn files, and they are greyed out and can be neither opened or deleted in NotesPlus.


I have the same issues. So, really nothing works at all.


I’m having the same problem. I’ve trued everything they’ve said to do and nothing has changed for the better.


Embarrassing situation…a lot of history lost, notes pictures and drawings in my notes…since 2015… are now a mass!!!
Very difficult to continue to trust and recommend NotePlus as a good notes taking.
Please do something concrete!!! Very disappointed…
How you did this to all your followers…
Cannot use since Beta version, not trusted…


Dear all,

Sorry for providing support on the forum slowly on these days. We’re regret about recent issues with iCloud. Let me give you an overview of these issues so you have a better understanding what is going on.

​Regarding some recent issues, they are related to iCloud and our data migration tool. Some months ago, our team realized our old resource file format wasn’t working well with iOS Storage Optimization (when enabled iCloud Drive) and the system would evict your files from local to iCloud server when the device is in low storage or under some circumstances (Apple doesn’t tell the transparent process how this logic works). When some of our resource files were evicted to the cloud server, the app couldn’t render notebook content on the page properly. Thus, we decided to move to new file format.

This required the data migration to take in place. However, iCloud occasionally got stuck during the data migration for many users and that caused the notebooks couldn’t be transfered to new file format properly. As a result, instead of showing your actual notebooks, some of those items are now shown as resource folder with .xml, .js, html, etc… Even worse, your files/folders are being duplicated multiple times. After scanning through our code, we eventually found out the data duplication was not coming from our data migration code entirely, but it was partly with iCloud service itself when it came to manipulate a lot of resource files in a short time.

There are times iCloud couldn’t “see” the files already saved on local storage and the other time the app couldn’t fetch the file existence state on iCloud server, thus it would create extra copies of a notebook. This leads to #1 and make the app running slowly and it could cause crashes when iOS run out of system resource. Unfortunately, for such events, the app couldn’t detect and remove extra copies automatically. Instead, please try to clean up your library manually in these steps: On your iPad, return to home screen, open, go to iCloud Drive > Notes Plus > find the extra copies (in .npn format), now tap “Select” button at the upper right corner, select the items, tap “Delete”. In case you delete a wrong item, you can go to “Recently Deleted” section in at the left sidebar, restore the deleted items.

​After the migration process has been completed, the data duplication issue should not happen anymore.

When we supported users with the iCloud-related issues, some users confirmed they could get back to normal state after turned off iCloud and re-link with iCloud sync (remember to choose “Not to keep the data on the device” when asked so your data won’t be duplicated if you enabled iCloud syncing again).

Since there are many users encountered different migration results, we couldn’t give support to your specific cases on this single thread. Kindly redirect your specific issues with some contexts (which cloud service/what is the symptom, etc…), the more details you provide the easier we could help you. Our support email is:

We’re committed to fix whatever left from our releases to bring back stability. Our Dev Team is still fixing bugs from our end and work on iPadOS bug fixes.


I have just noticed a similar problem as @dloudon above, except it occurred when I changed a readonly old notebook to make it writeable, it became grayed-out and inaccessible. I could read it before, but wanted to add a new page, and now I can’t even read it at all.

Note that this notebook is a year old, and the problem is showing up now after making it writeable in version 6.2.1, iOS 12.4. No syncing or automatic backups at all.

How do I get back my grayed-out notebook?

[ Third edit… ]

Well, I figured out the problem. If you visit the grayed-out notebook using the Files app, long-press the file and select “info”, you will find that the grayed-out notebook’s name does not have the “.npn” suffix. The working notebooks names all have “.npn” on the end. So Notes Plus 6.2.1 is somehow losing the “.npn” suffix when you change a notebook from readonly to writeable, or vice-versa.

I fixed the problem with the Files app: long-press the notebook, select “Rename”, and add back the missing “.npn”. After doing that, Notes Plus is able to see it as a working notebook (no longer grayed-out).

Don’t you guys test these things?


Really sad to say this, but I’ve had no choice but to jump to Notability. A real shame since I loved this app, but I’ve suffered multiple corruptions and lost data too (though unlike many I did regular pdf backups). I hope you guys can sort this out… all the best for the future.


I just saw this. I’d give you a hug if I could. This is awesome! the “.npn” extension got my two non-functional notebooks back! One other thing: it appears the method that Notes Plus uses to tag a notebook as read only is to prepend an underscore to the file name. That’s kind of good to know. Now if WriteOn will only get their development and customer support together we can move on from this disaster. I haven’t seen any WriteOn support posts in over a month. Have they given up? I hope not. Migrating to another app is going to be a lot of pain and suffering. Thank you again, Hakanson!


One other weeble I’ve noticed. If you rename the file by adding the .npn extension and removing the prepended underscore, it does become completely functional. HOWEVER, if you take that same notebook and make it read-only through Notes Plus, it gets greyed out and unusable again. If you go back into the Files app you can see that once again the .npn has been removed from the file name, and the underscore is once again added to the file name. If you leave the underscore but add the .npn extension the notebook is now fully functional but still read-only. In my book, that is a bug - not a feature. I hope they are reading this and not off on a long vacation somewhere. This is really basic - and very important.


You’re welcome, hug accepted! Glad to hear it was helpful.


Now I’ve installed the v6.3 iteration of Notes Plus. I don’t know what other goodies there are in store, but I am happy to report that the issue with notebooks becoming unreadable when marked read-only has apparently been fixed. I can go between modes at will and still retain control of the notebook. Thanks again for the assist!