Total loss of data with your 6.2 migration - PLEASE HELP


I’ve using Notes Plus on my IPad - with your new migration of data my ipad keeps on freezing and all notes have been lost. The Notes Plus folder has disappeared from my I Cloud. I really need help with this.


Today I had a day-long meeting and 15/16 pages of notes all of a sudden disappeared! It is really hard to work with the app so unstable. This was important work. I love the app, but lately it has become very unreliable. The iCloud backup is still off, because it still duplicates files. I fear I have to switch, but begrudgingly, because it was such a great app!

Any help before making this decision?



We’re so sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems with Notes Plus. Let me try to assist you right away.

At the first time you launch app from iCloud syncing, it could take for a while if your app library has a lot of files/folders. You can do this to reduce downloading time if it’s stuck or taking forever:

  • Quit Notes Plus from background (swipe up at the bottom and swipe up on Notes Plus to quit it from multitasking completely)
  • If you have a computer (either Windows/Mac), try to locate to iCloud Drive folder, find “NotesPlus Beta” folder, copy everything inside “Notebooks” folder and save it to safe place on your local disk. This would serve as your data backup later.
  • Delete extra copies of your notebooks: first, please check if your notebook content displays properly by opening Notes Plus Library, open the notebook without the number appended on your notebook name. If it looks good, you can keep it and delete all the extra copies. If your extra copies are cached (it displays with tiny cloud icon), then you can go to Library > Auto Backup > enable “Automatic Download” and the app will attempt to download cached files from iCloud to your local storage. Then, you can delete the copies.
  • An alternative method you can use to delete the extra copies of your data: go to iCloud Drive folder on your computer (Mac/Windows), delete the .npn files coming with a suffix containing the numbers. Wait for your file deletion syncs to iCloud fully. On your iPad, try to restart the device so it can “see” latest changes from iCloud server fully. Hopefully, this would help remove extra copies on your app library.
  • Note : if you don’t install iCloud Drive on your computer, you can use a web browser like Chrome or Safari, access, login with your Apple ID, then go to iCloud Drive > Notes Plus folder, tap to open “Notebooks”, now select the extra copies of your data, tap “Delete” icon at the toolbar. The deleted files are kept on iCloud for 30 days and you can restore them if deleting wrong files (read this
  • Restart your iPad (just to make sure nothing is cached wrongly): long-press the Sleep button for a while, power it off, then turn it back on
  • Now, launch Notes Plus and the migration will run again (or you can go to Tools > App settings > tap “Migrate” button).

You can increase Auto Lock value under iPad’s Settings > Displays & Brightness > Auto Lock, just leave Notes Plus opened so it can execute the migration process.

Note: when you run the migration tool next time, it doesn’t start from the beginning (though it’d say 0%) - the tool will skip for notebooks have been converted successfully and it should run faster on the next run.

Please keep us posted if the migration tool can complete this time? Otherwise, please send me your Apple ID, we could provide you a TestFlight build of Notes Plus with an option to have data migration running in background mode, so you can access your library and working on the notebook in Notes Plus.


Hmm, this is bad! Could you please tell us more about this case? Were 15/16 pages displaying as blank content or they were disappearing completely? Could you please try this:

  • Connect your iPad to computer
  • Launch iTunes, locate to Notes Plus Documents via iTunes File Sharing (see )
  • Select “Notebooks” folder and drag it out of iTunes

Do you see the notebook folder existed? Try to open inside, does it contain resource files inside? We’d appreciate if you can send us more details here or my email (

Sorry for that!