Suggestions and feedback


Hello, dear beta testing community,

First I would like to mention the bug I found:

On a fresh page, when I introduce a text box, the box is at the top left but slightly out of the page. The width is about one letter. I’ll screen it immediately when I can reproduce it again, because it’s not always like this.

Now to my suggestions:

  1. I can zoom it fine ant it stays zoomed in as it shoul. But when I zoom out it automatically reverts to full page. Which for me is kind of too much, blinding, and I can’t get an overall look or see how much till the end of the page without scrolling. Would you implement to support zoom out and stay zoomed out? And maybe with a double click with two fingers to revert to full screen?

  2. I would like to set a primary language for every notebook. Such as notebook 1, German writing, notebook 2, English and so on. It would help a lot with conversion so I don’t have to change it manually every time. And in case of need I can anyway change the language for the converted text in app. This should be left as it is, but it would be great to add a primary standard language for a new notebook, maybe directly from the new page quick options. That would improve usability a lot.

  3. I would like to replace the primary 5 quick settings from the top bar with any other setting from the extended top right bar. For example, to add the conversion at the top bar in the middle. This kind of customising would be great for all customers.

( question: what is the “glasses” button at the top bar? Is it just for reading without editing by mistake? )

4th and last. Please place to redo button at the right of the undo button. There is space. And maybe some customisable gestures for undo and redo, to not always use the buttons? On the large new iPad Pro it’s unreachable with one finger if I hold the iPad in my hands.

That’s my report for now. Looking forward to your answers and suggestions how to improve myself as a beta tester, since it’s clear for me, that this is a privilege :slight_smile:

Sincerely, Renato :slight_smile:

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