Sadly I had to quite using notes plus after suffering


The app has a great features mainly how smooth the writing experience is, but functionality wise still note shelf2 is way ahead, specially with functions. I hope you get around the basic functions like ease of adding pages and having many option like A4 with different orientation instead of the manual option. Still no zoom-out function. Can’t easily edit converted text. Please have a look at note-self2 and how everything is easy and hassle free and get ideas from that…

I leave you with the following video for extra feedback that i share fully with here:

and that’s what Tom Solid said about the app in the comments:
“Simpler is better” I absolutely agree when it comes to note taking apps! Notes Plus is overwhelming and this is a bad thing if you want to be productive. Thanks for the reference! :slight_smile: Appreciate it!"

I’m sadly returning to note-shelf since the only issue it has is the hand writing.


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Please address the problems the app has had since 1 April 2019:

  • unable to add new material to existing notes
  • unable to back up or restore notes
  • notes that disappear
  • closeup window shows a different note, not the one that is currently open
  • multiple copies of notes generated every time you try to back up
    There’s more. Read the posts on this forum.
    —Laurie Thomas MD