Ruler and Protractor



I have been using this app for quite awhile. Two things are noticibly absent and would like to see them implemented;

  1. The ability to copy pages from one Notebook to another
  2. A ruler and protractor tool (geometry set). This way, I can guarantee that my diagrams can be drawn to scale and at the right angles.

Implementing these features would complete the app in my opinion.

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Lol implementing features??? Not sure where you’ve been the last year or so but this app has been essentially abandoned. They can’t even figure out a way to prevent our data from being deleted!

This once great app is ruined, I would suggest Notability or GoodNotes, unless you want to lose all your Notes like many of us here.

Good luck!


Nonsense! I haven’t lost a single note since I started using it 2 years ago.

This app is light years better than any other out there.

What is the official word on this project being abandoned? Tell me it isn’t so.

NotesPlus dev team… talk to me. puuleeeeze