Recording issues


I’ve been using the app now for the better part of 5 years, and it’s been good to me. I use notes plus to capture notes during seminars, and I love that I can record the seminar in the background and go back to review it after the conclusion of the lecture.

Something has changed in the last number of months. I at first thought it was me, but now I realize with all of the other issues I’m reading about and experiencing first hand that this may not be a ‘me’ issue.

If I let my ipad time-out or go to sleep, it used to be that the recording would continue going and now it stops the recording. same too, if I exit out of notesplus to search something on Safafri, the audio will shutdown… when I re-enter notesplus, I find that the audio recording has stopped and I have to timestamp my sheet of paper so I can go back afterwards and combine recordings or try and parse it together with my notes.

Is there a solution coming to this? Is anyone else having a similar problem?