Random textual data loss since last upgrade


I published this over in Beta and realized it more properly belongs here. Apologies for the double post:

Running main version 6.0.2 build 4.10.2019 here. I am having the same problem. I use Notes plus primarily by creating text boxes and typing my notes about my activities in there. For about two weeks now I have notices that when I create text, close the active text box, then leave the app and return one or more text boxes are no longer visible. Tapping the area where the missing text was located causes the little check in a circle icon to appear at the place where the upper right corner would have been, but it disappears when tapped. No text box outline, box menu, or text appears. This is a huge problem - I have based my field work on Notes Plus almost since it first came out. I can no longer rely on it and have returned to paper notebooks until this is resolved. If it is not resolved quickly I will have to abandon the program altogether. Help!


We’re really sorry about the problem, @dloudon

First off, like I mentioned in other thread in the forum, try to disable iCloud syncing under Library > Auto Backup. That would resolve some weird bugs in current version (we’re working on another update).

If possible, would you please share us that notebook in .webarchive file and we’ll take a look what’s going wrong there: go to Tools > Export > set File Type to WebArchive, set Destination to Email and email to support@notesplusapp.com

Anyone else in our community got this issue?


Yes, I just opened a notebook (meetings) that has 75 pages. All my notes are gone from this notebook. I have created a web archive and emailed it to you (40.1MB). I cannot lose all this work. Other recently used notebooks seem fine (I think). Coincidentally, I upgraded to the latest version (ver 6.0.2 Build 04.10.2019) last night.

I have disabled cloud syncing but it may be too late.



Could you please try this restore method to see if you can get back the data:

  • Make sure to disable iCloud on your Notes Plus app
  • Download “Notebooks” folder from iCloud Drive folder on Mac/Windows (read this https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201391)
  • Compress “Notebooks” folder (or just specific notebook folders you want to restore) as .zip file (in any name)
  • Connect your iPad into computer via Lightning cable
  • Locate to Notes Plus Documents in iTunes File Sharing (see https://support.apple.com/en-vn/HT201301)
  • Drag the .zip file back into Notes Plus Documents
  • Re-launch Notes Plus app, wait for a moment and your notebooks will appear.

We’ve submitted another version to address this issue and it should go live at some point this week. Kindly send us an email at support@notesplusapp.com for faster support from our CS team.


Sorry for the delay in replying. I do not use iCloud sync so that is not an issue for me. FYI - I am tentatively optimistic that the last update may have fixed the problem. I have created text blocks on several pages in existing notebooks that seem to persist even after the iPad goes to sleep and/or I have exited Notes Plus. Missing text from previous sessions is still missing - the update did not restore anything that I can tell. Hope that helps. I will try and get you an archive of an affected notebook as soon as I can.


Yes, and I don’t use iCloud. I use DropBox.
This is very serious. My work is in jeopardy.
Please help!


Another problem I am having: Some notebooks have only two pages I can write on. The third page is solid gray and won’t accept any writing. How can I fix this and keep adding notes?


I just lost more data. And I am not using iCloud! Please help!


I’m sorry about this behavior! We’re in the process of migrating data to the new file format. The process appears to be much complicated than we anticipated as it’s related to some external factors like the way iOS optimizes files when your device is in low storage state and some “blackbox” syncing activities from iCloud, thus the app is malfunctioning.

We’ve identified the steps to reproduce this issue. It occurs when you had iCloud enabled in previous version and installed v6.1 with new packaged notebook file. We’re working on another patch to fix this issue. Ideally your data would still be stored on iCloud Drive if you aren’t touching the duplicated items. For data safety, I would suggest to turn off iCloud sync by opening Library > Auto Backup > tap “Stop” and choose “Keep the data on your local storage”.

We’ll try to provide another release quickly and keep you posted.

P/S: If you see a new release that we announce to fix this iCloud syncing issue, you can move all existing local notebooks/folders to a specific folder (just create a new folder in root folder), so your data won’t be duplicated as you turn on iCloud again (when iCloud is ON, the system will merge local & iCloud Server data).


Hi there,

Looks like the woes are continuing.

  1. I now have more folders that have duplicate notebooks. And the problem is which notebook is the “right” one to continue making notes?

  2. I also find that my notebooks have plenty of extra or blank pages between the pages with text. It is like one is making notes and then skips a few pages then continues. Or the pages did actually contain notes but not anymore. Or, pages are being inserted? It’s hard to tell.

  3. Quite a few of my notebooks containing my uni lecture notes are corrupted. Each lecture involved a PDF which I then annotated and recorded the audio of the lecture. I checked about 10 lectures today and found the audio is there, my annotations are there, but the background no longer has the lecture slide (pdf). The page background is blank. The strange thing is that some notebooks are unaffected - they are intact and have all the info I included when they were created.

  4. Many of the posts describing the problems such as those above also refer to iCloud backup.
    I don’t use iCloud for NotesPlus, I use Dropbox and yet I’m experiencing the same glitches and misery. And the posted solutions don’t apply/work.

Being a NotesPlus user since October 2011 I have found the NotesPlus team to be super helpful and attentive to the requests I have made over the years. You don’t get that level of support very often. I have great faith in the team to resolve these issues and helping uses recover their precious notes. I hope the solution is imminent.


P.S. Ver 6.2 doesn’t rectify the problems. the problems above are with 6.2 build 05.23.2019


OK, things have improved since the May release. I have been tentatively using the app - still doing paper in tandem as a precaution. This relates to v6.2.1 on an fifth gen iPad running iOS 12.3.1. I do not use iCloud backup and never have. Good news? Mostly notebook changes are retained across app and iPad restarts, sleep mode, etc. I use a mixture of PDF forms that I write and type information on, and others that are standard built-in notebook pages on which I add mixed data - typed and written text and photos from the iPad camera roll. I have one pressing issue right now: Write protecting a notebook either from inside the notebook or from the library view causes the notebook to become inaccessible - it doesn’t kick you out, but once you leave the notebook the library view shows the name but it is greyed out with the lock indicator showing and totally unresponsive. Tapping on it does nothing. Using the Edit control adds a select radio button to all the other notebook names but the newly write-protected notebooks. I have observed this behavior for two recently created notebooks. All older notebooks, including read-only ones, behave normally and can be read and copied to other folders. Parallel use of paper notebooks and printing out new notebook pages saved me. This data is extremely important. The app has now locked me out of two notebooks. Help!