Problem importing PDF


Dear Notes Plus Community,

Like many of you, I have seen years of notes vanish from my iPad. To their credit, the Notes Plus Support Team emailed a solution that allowed reconstruction of 95% of my notebooks. However, some of them didn’t become useable with adding the .npn extension to the notebook name. I found another work-around in that I had exported all the notebooks as PDF files. I have been able to import those back into Notes Plus and they are just as I had left them. However…

A few of the PDFs don’t import properly. They are correctly listed as notebooks, and if I press the “>” icon to view thumbnails of each page, I can see the data on each thumbnail. But I’ve noted two issues. The first is that if I open the notebook, I see the proper number of pages, but they are all blank. The second issue is that if I make a mark on any of the blank pages, then look at the thumbnails again, the original data is gone from the thumbnails and replaced with whatever I drew. If I erase my new scribbles, the page remains blank.

I have tried to import these PDFs from different PDF viewers (GoodReader, Adobe, the native iOS viewer) all with the same outcome.

Any advice would be appreciated, included a recommendation for a replacement note app if this is our foreseeable future with Notes Plus.

Rock on,