[Poll] Which features you want us to implement for next Notes Plus upgrade?


Definitely, this is an item in our to-do list! Thanks!

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This is a nice feedback! We’ll see how to fine-tune this workflow and make it easier to select font styles!

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I read your email/post description, I can say I’m all in for integrating with Tasks/Reminders. Let’s fixing some pesky bugs with iCloud syncing, then we’ll work on this and so many items in our Product Roadmap. Keep sharing your great ideas to us. We love to hear how users think/use Notes Plus!


Instead of adding features, why not focusing on solving all the issues the last update has created? My notebooks are multiplying by the minute. Each and everyone has now several copies. It’s a mess. I don’t know how am I going to get everything back to order.

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You need to add a “SAVE” button so we don’t keep losing our work!


Automatically generate a web site in the NotesPlus backup directory / cloud sync directory so the notes library is easily browsable on your computer.

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RE: gestures, I would like to have a double-tap for undo. It seems to somehow becoming a standard.


Thanks so much! We’ll support the new iPadOS’s gestures with three-fingers for undo/redo to make it consistent with other apps.

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Latest version v6.2.1 has fixed several stability issues. Some more tweaks are coming. Recent issues were actually caused by our migration process, the tricky part is bugs caused by migration process couldn’t be rectified and what we do is to eliminate it from happening again.


Additional feature:
Merge copied pages into a other notebook, on location (btw pages) to choose.


I’d just like to get all my notebooks back. Still have yet to get them all. Or to stop the duplicates.

Get that done before you mess up more from the last update that was supposed to be so much better.


I totally agree with candymaker. :confounded:

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Assuming that there ever will be another version and NotesPlus isn’t as dead as the level of support would suggest, I would first of all be with everyone else in saying fix the major problems before even thinking about new features.

If you do reach the stage of having a fairly clean product again, then my request would be an option to turn on a horizontal ruler, either in the full-page view or in the magnify window or both. When in the magnify window, the measurements shown should be still the measurements from the full-size window (ie. if the magnify window is showing a part of the page on the right hand side, then the ruler may show from 11cm to 20cm or similar).

I guess you’ll need metric and imperial options, probably pixels as well.

For me this will be really useful when I’m in the magnify window but want to keep things lined up on the page. For example, I can do my bullets at 1cm increments.


Implement bullets & signifiers to fully utilize a Bullet Journal experience, which is searchable


The in app browser was the best tool in the app, allowing us to open pdf or ppt the side window and copying into the notebook. PLEASE make it available again.


I selected audio sync. I am not sure what that feature means as defined.

For me when taking notes it would be helpful to have an icon or some marker that indicated that the audio recording that I am making ties to a specific area on the page. Like an annotation but in audio form. Unless I am missing something I don’t see a correlation between the page and the recordings.

Keep up the good work. Notes Plus is a great tool that I am committed to.



I voted for the dedicated shape tool in the hopes it will include a TABLE tool. I use notes plus for my engineering notebook and often find myself hand-drawing crude tables to fill in data.
This tool should include #of Rows and # of Columns along with the ability to resize columns.

I chose Notes Plus because drawing lines still allows me to erase the entries without erasing the cell borders. The virtual layer is a real timesaver. Other note apps keep everything “on the paper” and the erasure erases all.



I use inkredible pro on android and ipad.

but going to notesplus, I find that the writing sensation is different, the lines are less smooth and I have the impression that I cannot draw mathematical symbols as naturally as with inkredible.

it looks like inkredible offers more restance to writing and smooths writing better.

To be perfect, we should if possible use the same algorithm that inkredible uses in note plus.


ADVERTISE!! I’ve been spoiled by excellent features such as automatic scrolling, new pages, scrub erase gesture, zoom window. Tried GoodNotes and others on iPad - underwhelming. But they get the press. Notes Plus has issues as noted by others, but for note taking workflow you beat them.


My dream wish list:

#1 Infinite Canvas like OneNote / ZoomNotes / Concepts
#2 Mix and match custom background color with adjustable (size and color) ruled lines / grid / dots / etc.
#3 Lines (better yet, splines!) that connect to other objects, groups, for brainstorm diagramming

Long live Notes Plus!