[Poll] Which features you want us to implement for next Notes Plus upgrade?


We love to learn what you think of the next Notes Plus version? Please vote your features (multiple selections are allowed) or feel free to add your own feature suggestions if they’re not listed. That would help us decide which features we’ll consider for our future releases

  • Notebook Cover Customization
  • Paper Background Customization
  • Hyperlinks for PDF
  • Working with multiple notebooks
  • Tags
  • Bookmarks
  • Dedicated shape tool (diagram drawing)
  • Export as plain text
  • Audio sync with text
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • More cloud syncing options
  • Reminders integration
  • Calendar integration

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Thanks everyone!

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Another feature would be to also convert handwritten mathematical text to typed mathematical text. Much like Nebo does. For college students, this would be a great feature for classes in mathematics, engineering, physics etc. Also, being able to export the converted text as LaTex into Wolfram Alpha would be a real benefit. If I remember correctly, Notes Plus uses the Myscript api to convert handwritten text. I think you can license the math script api also.


One item i’d Like to see, or maybe I just don’t know how to do this, is to draw in landscape mode with the paper also staying in the landscape position.


For multiple notebooks, a thin tabs bar with notebook name to easily switch. I ran across the need to have an imported pdf of meeting agenda and if I could hit the tabs at the top to switch between agenda and notes, it would be great!


I’d love to see a toolbar that allows easier access to changing ink color/size (perhaps a floating toolbar that can be toggled on and off and repositioned like the favorite styles?). I’d also really like to see gesture implementation for undo/redo. :purple_heart:


For more cloud-sync options, please add Box, which is required by my employer.

Search features I asked for years ago, still waiting:

  • Search barely works at all, missing many items. Possibly handwriting recognition issues?
  • When searching, highlight the found item in the pages (and thumbnails) being displayed.
  • When searching, sort the thumbnails in page (numeric) order, not alphabetical.

You guys should implement new features quickly. I’d wonder why these are not implemented for a powerful note-taking app like Notes Plus:

  • Custom notebook cover/paper background
  • Hyperlink and the ability to use custom PDF templates like Bullet Journal, Daily Planners, etc…
  • The ability to tag/bookmark/outline for a PDF notebook
  • Better Library management
  • Audio sync with text

My vote is for Reminders/Tasks Integration. As a long time user with over 100 notebooks — besides taking notes, my most frequent use case is reviewing my notes to ensure I’ve completed tasks from meetings.

I submitted an idea for implementing this in this post: Notes Plus Tasks/Reminders Integration … and welcome feedback/discussion.

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Some great suggestions here. In text mode, changing the font is a scrolling exercise through the list of a gazillion of fonts. Please consider adding a search bar or clickable alphabet to jump to __ named font.

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I really need hyperlink support so I can import my own PDF templates and use it for my journal notebooks. Please do this quickly.

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Definitely, this is an item in our to-do list! Thanks!


This is a nice feedback! We’ll see how to fine-tune this workflow and make it easier to select font styles!


I read your email/post description, I can say I’m all in for integrating with Tasks/Reminders. Let’s fixing some pesky bugs with iCloud syncing, then we’ll work on this and so many items in our Product Roadmap. Keep sharing your great ideas to us. We love to hear how users think/use Notes Plus!

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Instead of adding features, why not focusing on solving all the issues the last update has created? My notebooks are multiplying by the minute. Each and everyone has now several copies. It’s a mess. I don’t know how am I going to get everything back to order.


You need to add a “SAVE” button so we don’t keep losing our work!


Automatically generate a web site in the NotesPlus backup directory / cloud sync directory so the notes library is easily browsable on your computer.

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RE: gestures, I would like to have a double-tap for undo. It seems to somehow becoming a standard.


Thanks so much! We’ll support the new iPadOS’s gestures with three-fingers for undo/redo to make it consistent with other apps.

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Latest version v6.2.1 has fixed several stability issues. Some more tweaks are coming. Recent issues were actually caused by our migration process, the tricky part is bugs caused by migration process couldn’t be rectified and what we do is to eliminate it from happening again.


Additional feature:
Merge copied pages into a other notebook, on location (btw pages) to choose.