PDF Export enhancement


Could you please get the PDF export to include the page title, or at least add it as an option when exporting?

I use the page title to define what the page is about. EG: “Meeting notes 15/5/19”

As a precaution against the current iCloud issues, I’ve been exporting all my notebooks to Evernote. I’ve noticed however that the page title isn’t exported, thus I’m losing an important aspect of the notes I’ve taken.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Notes Plus includes page title on exported pages. You can go to Tools > App Settings > turn on “Print Page Headers On Exported Pages” option.

For the iCloud bug, we’re trying our best to fix. It’s a tough data migration and we’re fixing whatever are left. Sorry for that inconvenience.


Thanks for pointing out where the setting is. You might consider adding it into the export settings pane. Given all the other export specific settings that are there, that’s where I would have expected to see it.