Paperless experience with iPad Pro?


I want to upgrade my device from the iPad Air 2, I think I’d go with new iPad Pro 9.7". I have a few concerns and I would thankful if someone can help me.

Question 1) It seems that you need to write bigger when writting on tablets, do you need to constantly zoom in and out to do heavy note taking in the 9.7 inch Ipad Pro?

Question 2) Has anyone been using digital handwritten notes for more than a year and think it is worth it?

Thank you!


So to answer your questions.

#1 - I find that using the zoom in box with auto advancement is the best way to go. Since you can position it and size it it gives you an easy writing surface. No you do not need to zoom in and zoom out as you can see all your text on top and write in the (Zoomed in) or “Close Up Writing Mode”.

#2 - I have been using digital handwriting to keep my notes since the first IPAD 1. Things changed over time, but the notes are still there, I have been working to change my workflow, as to where I take the notes, but have been digital pretty much since there.


#1 same as in previous reply, I use the rectangle with auto advancement for heavy notetaking in interviews, I zoom in/out if drawing schemas with details

#2 started in 2012, I’m completely paperless now, it can be done and has huge advantages


My personal opinions on this:

  1. A bigger iPad Pro screen definitely improves your writing experience. However, if you’re tight on the budget, even an iPad Mini (5th gen) is good enough. You can save money for buying other stuffs like Apple Pencil, this is a must for taking notes effectively!

  2. We’re using our product every day for our real notes, I know I’m a little bit bias here (as the maker of Notes Plus), I can say it’s totally worth to digitalize your notes and organize it in a decent way. Combine it with other apps like Things as to-do management task/Mindnode for mindmapping, etc… would improve your productivity greatly!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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With the Apple Pencil, I find that there is no need to zoom in or use the zoom box, and I write small! With my old iPad, before the Apple Pencil, I definitely needed to write bigger and utilize the zoom features.

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My son went through the entire BSc program using NotesPlus to take notes for all his classes. There is a “magnifier tool” I have been using to write small.

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Apple Pencil is really the best choice for taking notes. It works so well and I haven’t used close-up writing mode since I switch to Apple Pencil. Palm rejection is superior than any third-party digital pens!