Opera browser - best workflow for salvaging notes plus notes?


Like many others, I lost many years of notes (thousands of pages) when the developers updated and then abandoned this app. The automatic converter/update tool does not work and I read all the suggestions on this forum, none of which worked. What I do have are all my notes in the old format Notes Plus was using. For each page there’s an index.html, page.svg, meta.xml, and a resources directory.

I’ve discovered one way to save these notes. If you open index.html in the Opera browser, you can “Save page as PDF…” and convert the page to a pdf of that single page. Do that for all the pages, and then you can collate into one big pdf with all the pages. There are two problems with this - first, each page has a lot of extra whitespace off to the right for some reason, which is annoying. Second, it’s pretty slow and time consuming.

Has anyone found a better method?

ETA - there is an efficient method to remove the whitespace on the right if you have acrobat pro (first combine the pages into one document, then edit/crop, and you can do it for all the pages at once).



thanks for the suggestion.

If I may ask, which app are you using now, specially that has text delete gesture?

Thanks in advance