NotesPlus 6.4 and new iOS14


I have been using NotePlus for two years approximately.
Recently, after upgrading to iPadOS14 (I’m using iPad pro) I have noticed the writing experience became laggy.
It had lost the “real pen on paper” feeling I liked so much, and the lines drawn are now a few milliseconds behind. Scrolling the notebook is also not smooth.
My son use NotesPlus too with iPad 10.2 but with iPad OS 13, and it works fine.
Up until recently, iOS14 was in its beta stages, but it has now been release to the public.

I gave the support team a head-up on this, but it seems they haven’t done any testing, and sadly my guess is many other users will experience the same issues after upgrading to iOS14.


Similar experience to Niros. This has been an excellent app. After OS14 upgrade Apple pen is now very laggy to the point of being unusable. Please look into this asap.


I am experiencing the same problem especially if I write slower. The problem doesn’t seem to occur if I write my signature, which I write swiftly, for example.


Does the 6.5 update fix this problem for you?

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Just updated the app to 6.5. It seems to have fixed the problem.



The new version is out 6.5. Please report if it had fixed the issue.

Sadly we are among the few who still use the app. Actually I use Noteshelf manily since it has a great and similar inking system. But sadly, no delete gesture.

I really don’t understand why the support team don’t update the app regularly?!


I updated to v6.5, and it still lags. Makes my writing incredibly messy - unrecognizable. NotesPlus was the most extraordinary writing app for so many years. What happened?? I, too, am sad to see y’all not able to keep up with the competition. I can’t be without a notes app for too much longer.


Latest version improved the lagging just a little bit/ But still needs work


Updated to 6.5. There is a slight speed improvement but Apple Pencil is still very laggy and unusable at normal writing speed. Its a pity as I have a lot of notes stored in this app. Other stylus apps work fine with Apple Pencil. Looks like I will need to find a good alternative.


I can confirm the lagging pen with version 6.5 and build 9.26.2020.

My writing appears messier than usual.


I am also having exactly same issue. :frowning:


The 6.5 version is still leggy and nothing like original notes plus. I am one of the loyal note taker with notes plus just like many others. however, the support is very poor or non existent. I wish someone take over this app and look after it as it’s inking engine is the best (when it works properly)

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It is also still laggy for me. Please fix this bug. Thank you so much.


I am so with you…sad to see it deteriorate like this…

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Nearly two months now… still no solution…

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I am wondering, what holds you back to change the app? Once in a while, I check back here out of curiosity. Have been using NotesPlus for about 8 years. But the instability pushed me to Goodnotes already a year ago. In the beginning after the change, I was missing the smoothnes of the inking. Now, I actually don’t realize it too much. Nevertheless, still kind of sad, that a great app did just die, basically from one day to another as the support team does not react anymore at all.

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I’m already using Goodnotes. but what is keeping me with this app sometimes is the delete gesture. Nebo does offer that, and I’m exploring it.


Its march/2021 and the app is still very laggy and almost unusable


I just installed Notes Plus on a brand new iPad Pro 11” and it works much smoother than the one in my old iPad Pro 9.7”. I see a very slight lag in the new machine but almost unnoticeable. Written texts are also slightly jagged as well but much better than how it was on my old machine. I see a hope but would be nice to see some updates from the Notes Plus guys. Like other people I have been using other apps but I am really hoping Notes Plus will get its glory back.