Notes Plus v6.1 release (May 13, 2019)


We just released a new Notes Plus version (v6.1). This update includes these changes:

  • Implement packaged notebook files where all content and metadata files are packaged in a single notebook file. Packaged notebook files should improve iCloud syncing stability and eliminate blank page issues
  • Introduce new logic to handle notebooks being cached by iOS Storage Optimization. Cached notebooks are shown with cloud icons in the library. Tap on the cloud icons to download and access notebooks.
  • Fix miscellaneous bugs.

Get your update here:

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Seems like you broke something!
All my notebooks are now multiplying. Same Notebook. Let’s call it “Notebook A” Now has 12 different versions “Notebook A 1”, “Notebook A 2”, “Notebook A 3”,… some of them are just blank pages other have one single page of many. It’s total chaos!!!
What is going on? Seems like some sort of problem with the new iCloud syncing or something.
Please help!

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I have the same thing happening. It has made the application unusable as has resulted in the iPad response being appalling slow - can’t even scroll within a notebook. It also means that being able to list by date created is now useless as all the files are all now new. This needs urgent fixing as it will definitely drive me to other apps.


I also have same problem. generated multiple note file. filename + 1, 2, …


I have the same problem with notebooks being duplicated.

Please help me as it’s making me very unproductive and worried about losing my notebooks.


I’m having the very same issue. I’ve started to keep important notes in this app, but it is becoming too problematic. I’m doubting that I can trust this to replace paper, since paper doesn’t randomly disappear, erase things, or come apart and hide in different locations.


I also have the same problem. Tried disabling auto backup, but duplicated files in iCloud still there cluttering


No. It does not fix any of the bugs. I just lost another 30 minutes of work! Please help!


I have already loose a lots of notes after updating to a previous version.
I believed in this update but I’m afraid I will lose my notes again.
Please fix correctly the cloud sync.