Notes Plus unusable after latest update


Team, Notes Plus is the foundation of my daily work. It has become unusable after the last update — so I have had to go back to pen and paper. The issue I am seeing include:

  1. The app freezes — it does not respond to Apple Pencil of finger input
  2. Notebooks are multiplying — many copies are blank
  3. iCloud note books download is inconsistent — takes a long time to download or never downloads
  4. It appears that I’m losing data

I deliberately avoided downloading the beta because I rely on Notes Plus daily — so stability is an absolute requirement. However, all of this is happening on the production app. I know you are working to resolve this, but wanted to provide input that may be helpful. Please advise if there are workarounds because I need to refer to previous notes and cannot do that.

Thanks Team — I know you will resolve this!

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Following up to share that turning off iCloud Auto Backup eliminated the app freezing. This allowed me to begin using Notes Plus again. I hope this temporary solution can help someone else.


Did turning off cloud sync stop your duplication issue


Yes, it did. Notes Plus is back to working flawlessly with iCloud backup temporarily disabled. I’m optimistic that the team will correct the issue soon — allowing me to turn iCloud backup back on.


Thanks for sharing this tip. It has helped me also.


I did this and NotesPlus works, but I do not have access to any of my notes.