Notebooks Doubling and Dropbox Backup Freezing


Hello there,

I just recently updated to v6.2 and Notes Plus has been misbehaving since. The auto backup feature appears to have doubled all my notebooks in my Dropbox backup and is downloading the copies onto the app on my iPad Pro. When I look into my Dropbox, I notice that there’s two folders for each notebook, one with a .npn extension and one without. I understand you have begun the process of updating the file system of Notes Plus to .npn and I’m wondering if maybe the app has duplicated my notebooks instead of updating them.

Also, every time the auto backup reaches a “delete” task, it seems to freeze up and I have to restart the app or reset the backup process to fix it. Is there any way to fix these issues, or am I going to have to wait for another update to the app?



@KayODave I had the same issue as you are reporting. As far as the dropbox freeze I was able to simply click on another view (e.g. recents, favorites) and back to notebooks. Upon returning it looked like everything completed and the app worked fine… until the deleted notebook returned (?!)


Please, if anyone has any idea what I can do about this it would be a great help. The app keeps duplicating my notes and my backup on Dropbox. The auto backup’s task queue has 50,000+ items as if it’s trying to backup and then download my entire database of notes over and over again.


So, I’ve taken all my notebooks and exported them to my PC as PDFs, then I turned the auto backup feature off for now. I would recommend everyone do this even though it’s tedious and time-consuming. At least this way you’ll have your notes if NotesPlus ends up completely breaking on you.

I would still like to hear from someone regarding Dropbox specifically, because the symptoms seem to be different than for those unfortunate folks who were using iCloud instead.


Our usually great support team seems to have abandoned us, for now. I’m not even getting responses to direct email either.

I beta tested iCloud on my iPhone but continued using Dropbox on my iPad. This behavior is indeed different than my iCloud debacle.


15 days have passed and NO solution from Support?


Here is an example of further corruption of the dropbox functions resulting from the developers work-around for iCloud support. I wanted to use the Notebook TEMPLATE file to start a new notebook. My first step was to remove the Read Only attribute. Once I did that it turned gray and I could not open it and the slide-out functions were able to be displayed but do not function.

A few moments later a new read-only copy appeared in the file list. See below.

Wondering. what the heck dust happened, I opened the Notes Plus auto-backups folder. What I found was a list of what I figure to be the iCloud NPN files and now an older resource format folder. See below.

This happened after I spent countless hours culling dupe from the botched update and I thought I had a stable condition. It looks to me like the Dropbox has only half-implemented the NPN format and perhaps the proceeding ‘_’ character (write protect?) is confusing the sync operation causing a re-sync of the file but now in the older resource format. ’

I am trying to be patient with the der and support teams but find their choice of beaommiwq sparse and mate on this forum a sort of denial attitude. I also want to add my name to the list of people calling for a roll-back to a pre iCloud release and put this back into beta. It would appear that their insistence on pursuing this avenue is shattering customer confidence and causing people to begrudgingly migrate away from Notes Plus in favor of inferior but more reliable environments.

I for one still choose to try and see this through to the end I think much c. old be done to save Notes Pbs’ reputation by the devs releasing a roll-back, iCloud free version and an apology / promis to resolve this issue in further beta testing. I also believe their absence on this forum and refusal to respond to direct email is an indication of their dedication to solving this, but perhaps ill-advised from a user relations perspective.


We’ve fixed the data duplication happened with Dropbox in v6.2.1 - please help us check if this would fix the issue now? Please note, this should prevent new notebooks from being duplicated and it may not fix for existing notebooks.


I have spent the last ten days with my iPad doing nothing but Notes Plus Dropbox updates. The queue gets past 50,000, sometimes 100,000. Rarely the document path changes. Every few hours Notes Plus crashes. I start it again. No end in sight. Next week I’ll have to migrate to Goodnotes or Notability :triumph: