Note Plus Update on Updates


It would be nice to have an update on how you plan on fixing the issues from your updates that has caused nothing but aggravation and loss of production.
Are you even going to continue working on what was once an amazing app to a nightmare? Have you abandoned all who trusted you?
Please let us know what we can expect of our notes and files. Any hope to get some back?
It feels like you’ve gone MIA!

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I’m as furious as you. But I’ve noticed they’ve been replying a bit more lately to support questions on this forum.

And in my case (maybe I got lucky), the latest update seems to have fixed all my problems with the app. Annoyingly, I had to go and manually delete the duplicate notes that were made.

But I have everything working, iCloud backup working, no more weird pages being deleted…

I hate what happened and I wasted many hours, but things seem like they’re fixed.

I can only hope the same for you!


Where are my notes!!!
Almost everything lost
Shame on you guys


No notes and no response from them either on what more they are doing to do so we can retrieve them.


Dear all,

Sorry for providing support on the forum slowly on these days. We’re regret about recent issues with iCloud. Let me give you an overview of these issues so you have a better understanding what is going on.

​Regarding some recent issues, they are related to iCloud and our data migration tool. Some months ago, our team realized our old resource file format wasn’t working well with iOS Storage Optimization (when enabled iCloud Drive) and the system would evict your files from local to iCloud server when the device is in low storage or under some circumstances (Apple doesn’t tell the transparent process how this logic works). When some of our resource files were evicted to the cloud server, the app couldn’t render notebook content on the page properly. Thus, we decided to move to new file format.

This required the data migration to take in place. However, iCloud occasionally got stuck during the data migration for many users and that caused the notebooks couldn’t be transfered to new file format properly. As a result, instead of showing your actual notebooks, some of those items are now shown as resource folder with .xml, .js, html, etc… Even worse, your files/folders are being duplicated multiple times. After scanning through our code, we eventually found out the data duplication was not coming from our data migration code entirely, but it was partly with iCloud service itself when it came to manipulate a lot of resource files in a short time.

There are times iCloud couldn’t “see” the files already saved on local storage and the other time the app couldn’t fetch the file existence state on iCloud server, thus it would create extra copies of a notebook. This leads to #1 and make the app running slowly and it could cause crashes when iOS run out of system resource. Unfortunately, for such events, the app couldn’t detect and remove extra copies automatically. Instead, please try to clean up your library manually in these steps: On your iPad, return to home screen, open, go to iCloud Drive > Notes Plus > find the extra copies (in .npn format), now tap “Select” button at the upper right corner, select the items, tap “Delete”. In case you delete a wrong item, you can go to “Recently Deleted” section in at the left sidebar, restore the deleted items.

​After the migration process has been completed, the data duplication issue should not happen anymore.

When we supported users with the iCloud-related issues, some users confirmed they could get back to normal state after turned off iCloud and re-link with iCloud sync (remember to choose “Not to keep the data on the device” when asked so your data won’t be duplicated if you enabled iCloud syncing again).

Since there are many users encountered different migration results, we couldn’t give support to your specific cases on this single thread. Kindly redirect your specific issues with some contexts (which cloud service/what is the symptom, etc…), the more details you provide the easier we could help you. Our support email is:

We’re committed to fix whatever left from our releases to bring back stability. Our Dev Team is still fixing bugs from our end and work on iPadOS bug fixes.


I’ve still not got all my notes back. I have note plus on my iPad and phone and each one has different notebooks and iPad has more then phone. They both are signed in on the same iCloud account. Both have same settings and not a mirror of my notebooks. Then when I go I my files and see some there when I get them to the app it keeps asking if I want t one it. I can’t even open T with thought a hassle. All I’m tryouts no to do is get my notes back then I’ll no longer use the app.


Hello it’s me! Still silent I see! If possible kindly let us know that you abounded your users! Don’t be condescending to us!! Just be a professional and let us know your not going to be able to fix your major DEBACLE. I’ve moved on to another app but it would be nice to know if I’ll ever be able to retrieve notes.


Hi everyone,

We’re rolling our beta testing builds via TestFlight here to make the app compatible with iPadOS and Multi Window support.

If you want to try out it before the build is approved (we’ll have another build in TestFlight today), kindly install TestFlight and access the link to install the beta build.

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I know there’s a lot of frustration but I still love this app and hope the reliability issues can get worked out.

Question - has anyone updated to ipadOS and does this app still work?


I’ve been using Notes Plus 6.2.1 on iPadOS 13. Seems to work the same for me as on iOS-12.4.1. I use it with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro 10.5", in case it matters.




How are people finding version 6.3.4? Is it safe to upgrade from 6.2.1 yet?




I’ve had problems with the touch sensitivity and a little lag with the writing. I also keep getting an not able to connect to remote server but that’s just an annoyance and no problems that I know of. That could be part of the other issues I mentioned but not sure. That was before the update today.
I was able to retrieve all the notes that didn’t migrate over. They worked with me to get them and I’m 95% secure with my use of the app.