New Users - how to use our online forum?


We think with a good online forums and engaged community, our products will be better. Currently we use Discourse as an online community for Notes Plus/INKredible. Discourse is chosen because of some reasons:

  • It gives the community tools that help to ensure that the most valuable information gets elevated and gets the most visibility
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Flat discussion model as opposed to cluttered sub-forums.
  • Rich content can be embedded in discussions (e.g. Markdown, videos, images etc) which enrich the kind of discussions people can have.
  • Good tools for quoting snippets of discussion and replying to points. This makes discussions easier.
  • Well thought-out categories. Useful for grouping discussions or providing specific content views (e.g. I use a category here for job opportunities, so linking to that category can show all jobs).
  • Good user personalization (e.g. avatar, profile photo, bio, links etc).
  • Effective private messaging.
  • Responsive design, so mobile ready.
  • Customizable for areas such as header, footer, etc.
  • Has better thread management
  • Gives context to discussion (just scroll)
  • Information stays there and is easy to find again
  • Wiki posts

If you want to learn how to use Discourse forum effectively, it’s worth to check out Discourse documentation here.

If you notice any issues while using the forum, please don’t hesitate to ping me @duynguyen or email us at for help!

Notes Plus Team