LOST DATA on apple devices


I operate in a Apple ecosystem. Have been using Notes Plus for some time. In the last couple days all my data appears to have been lost. Ive noticed other similar post. Has there been a fix for this issue. The files appear to be in iCloud. For others reading think about losing all your data


Hi @rbecker7,

We’re really sorry about the problem! It was an issue with iCloud syncing and a newer version (v6.1) has been released today. In previous version (v6.0.2), due to some caching issues caused by iOS Storage Optimization, notebooks couldn’t appear properly in the app. In the new version (v6.1), switching from resourced data to packaged notebook file would help eliminate page corruption within a notebook caused by iOS optimizing files. Kindly go to App Store > Updates and get latest version to see if that helps correct the issue?

Note: when the app launches with iCloud sync at the first time after updated to v6.1, our data migration tool will be executed and converting all resourced folders into packaged notebook files. This process will scan & seek for meta files in Notes Plus’s resource folders on iCloud and transform them into packaged files (each notebook is now a single file). If somehow iOS cached the “notebook.xml” file in each notebook folder name on iCloud (this is out of our control as iOS will run iCloud’s storage optimization on their side), then your notebooks could appear as a folders in our app library. For this situation, kindly proceed as following to resolve:

  • Open Files.app on your iPad
  • Go to iCloud Drive > NotesPlus > Notebooks > [notebook folder name] > tap on the “notebook.xml” (there is a tiny cloud icon next to the file name) to download it to local storage.


  • Repeat this step for other notebooks if they’re showing in Notes Plus Library Navigation as folders instead of actual notebooks.
  • Quit Notes Plus app from background (multitasking) mode
  • Now, open Notes Plus, you would see the notebooks re-appearing.

Please try and see if that works?


It’s isn’t a iCloud syncing issue. Other cloud service havIng the same issue. The update in question here hasn’t fixed it. I’m still missing notes that I’ve had for the last two years.