Lost all the notes after upgrade to 6.4 - SOS


I have been using Notes Plus for more than 8 years and so far is happy with the App. I am using iPad Air 2013 and recently i have updated iPadOS to 12.4.7 and Note Plus to the latest version 6.4.

After the upgrade, i found that all my notes are lost. All the folders are there but when I opened the folder, it showed sub-folder 1, 2, 3, 4… In the sub-folder, there is a folder called “resources” but nothing in the subfolder. All the created folders have the same problem.


I used to backup my notes to Dropbox and now I could not import back from Dropbox.

When I created a new note, it is normal but all the old notes in last 8 years have gone!

Please help!


I just found that in my Dropbox - Notes Plus–>AutoBackup folder, there are notes can be visible by opening up the SVG file.

Is there anyway to recover the notes? Or I have to completely give up this App?


Dear JWong. I had the same problem. Thankfully, with some help from support I was able to implement a reasonable fix. See here for details



This has been an ongoing problem since early last year. The support for this app is near to none. I hope you can retrieve your notes. Then I’d suggest you find a app that is being updated and functions. I’ve lost all hope that it will return to its former glory. I miss the app.


Thank you djonat for your kind comments. You have articulated the issues clearly. I may try to erase all the notes in the iPAD and then rename the folders on the Dropbox to see it can be restored.


Thank you candymaker! I share the same regret with the app. I think the one off charge of $10 is hard to justify the lifetime guarantee especially Apple is keep on updating iPADOS… NP should keep the old version and then release new version with charge.


I wouldn’t erase anything on your iPad until after you have successfully transferred the renamed folders using itunes/finder, as described in my other post, and then only if it still necessary (might not need to do this at all)


This is something I’ve often wondered. I am sure most long-suffering users of NP, such as myself, would be more than glad to shell out another $10 for a bug-free update


Tried to rename one folder in Dropbox and sync the renamed folder to the app. The icon of the renamed notebook and the page come up but no content. Try the setting to migrate data to version. No effect after the conversion. No luck to fix the problem!


The problem has been resolved. The trick is, the “npn” suffix can only be applied to the folder of the notebook, not the folder which consists of several notebooks. I have renamed all the notebook folders and then sync to the iPAD again, it works fine.

Thank you for djonat for your great advice!