Lost all notes since last update


Please can someone help me. I have lost all my notes since this last update. I have tried to restore via iCloud and iTunes, however there are duplicate notes in every folder and when I open a note it is just a blank page. I desparately need to access project information before I fly out to meetings after the weekend. Please can you assist me. I am able to send the iCloud file structure to your support team for analysis… my gut feel is that it has been corrupted in the latest app update. Thanks in advance


I have the same issues.
Update 6.2 didn’t help at all!!!
Files keep repeating and repeating. Most of them are blanc.
When comes the all solving update to this misery?
Is there any chance that notes plus gets its files wright?


It seems the issue could happen from earlier version :frowning: We think our new version should handle iCloud syncing better. Can you confirm if the issue happens with new notebooks too?

Let’s troubleshoot the issue right now: if you go to www.icloud.com on Safari (use your laptop/computer), then go to iCloud Drive > Notes Plus > Notebooks, do you see your files are saved as .npn files (our file format)? If yes, try to download the 0-pages file to computer, then send the file to our team (support@notesplusapp.com). We’ll look inside and tell you if we can restore the notebooks for you.


Hi Duy,

Yes this is happening with the latest release of Note Plus. I am zipping all the files from iCloud now and will send to you on We Transfer if that’s OK?

Thanks for getting back to me,


Sorry for getting back to you late. Have you sent to support@notesplusapp.com so we can check it right away?


having same problem. I have years worth of notes, and now its looking like not only are all of them blank in the Note Plus app, but my icloud backups have been overwritten. Sure hope you guys get your shit together.


I’ve lost all data as well - the Notes plus folder has disappeared from my I Cloud (using your techniques noted above) and Ipad is frozen in migration and update.


I switched to Notability. No problems so far.


I think notes plus is finished.
They have to clean up their mess. Notebooks keep repeating and repeating.


Looks like I’ve lost all my notes…this is their response:

'Hi Christian,
There are hundred of files from your .zip file. Those are mostly blank notebook. I can only see these notebooks with content (see attachment). Resource files of other notebooks are missing so I’m afraid we couldn’t repair them back :frowning:


And this is my response;
‘Yes there are hundreds of files as I have created hundreds of notes, the latest software update has corrupted them then. So i’ve lost all my notes is what you’re saying? This is terrible, I can see that there are many other people who are also experiencing these issues since this update. I need to know what you’re going to do about this. You need to remove this application immediately or roll-back to the previous release. Your response below doesn’t cut it. Please can you get one of the management team to contact me.’


Hi, it’s been 6 x days since I heard from you; we’ve had no progress update or expected date of when this will be resolved. Is this being worked on or should I jump ship to ‘Notability’?


I know this same thing is still happening to me. It’s not iCloud syncing problem. It’s your app problem. Why don’t you just make it possible for us to revert back to app version before your untested update that created this mess.


hi all,
i just updated my app - i now cant view any of my file content.
any solutions?
need this urgently resolved