Keep the Old Open Data Format


Hi Team

One of the great attractions of NotesPlus has been its open data format.

That the “Auto-Backup” is a series of folders and files based on easily manipulated internet-based standards like JavaScript and SVG vector graphics image files means that MY writings are protected from anything that might happen to NotesPlus.

That I can create web archive exports containing these same elements is all that is required for data portability.

The adoption of a seemingly proprietary “NPN” file standard to store my notes means you are locking away my writings inside your world.

That you have botched the introduction of the NPN file format is actually another indication of why you should not do it.

The old standard was granular and corruption could be repaired and data salvaged.

I would appreciate a detailed explanation for what has gone wrong, what you are attempting to achieve and why my notes archive is now corrupted.

I would like to see NotesPlus retain the old open data standard.



Hi Richard,

You’ll find npn is just a zip file. Inside it has the same old file structure as before.

On a Mac you can right click on a npn file and “Show Package Contents”. I’m fairly certain (from memory) if you copy the npn elsewhere and change it’s extension to .zip, any zip client will be able to extract the contents.