Issues in version 6.3



i have an issue with the eraser as someone has already mentioned, that after earsing the words come back as soon as you write. and with yesterdays update, when i delete a page the warning window is misplaced to the left top corner…

please fix soon


The same issue and very annoying. Developer not bothered to reply much on issues since blunder in may


In my experience, you might be more likely to get a response using their email address.




My Apple Pencil (original) is not connecting anymore, is the original Apple Pencil not supported anymore or is the a bug in 6.3.2? I can write with the Pencil, however after selecting the checkbox in Tools_DigitalPens_ApplePencil it does not connect as it used to and does not allow for single finger scrolling and exclusive writing by the Pencil as it did before.

Any help would be appreciated as this was a problem in 6.3.1 and was not fixed in 6.3.2 I am worried that this will not be fixed at all.