Is NotesPlus dead?


being controversial here to see if anyone is out there… I apologize in advance if this upsets you.

I’m a long-time user going back to at least 2015 who’s had all sorts of problems over the last 6 months. As I look across the board for help and advice, all I see is that unless users are contributing support, there is no support to be had. Tons of people’s questions are going unanswered and I unfortunately, don’t know the answers to help them out.

Duy hasn’t replied to a topic since Aug 6 and looking at the App Store it appears that updates are happening, but they’re focused solely on stability and unfortunately, it appears this has required pulling out features (3rd party styluses and now in-app browser)…

Is NotesPlus on it’s last breath? can we get an update from anyone on the support team?

Any other users found a suitable alternative?

thank you,

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Had the same thoughtA after trying out the latest update which doesn’t improved anything for me…
When writing fast with the Apple Pencil some lines are not recognized by the app.
That makes the app unusable for taking notes

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Hi Scott,

Duy is no longer maintaining this forum (although he is still working for us on a different project). We have a new hire to maintain this forum who will be online to answer support questions shortly. However, if you email us at, we will always respond on time.

Viet Tran


Hi Scott,

To amend my message, in-app browser is there if you turn it on (in App Settings). We just hide it for iOS 13 because it has multi-windows support.

About 3rd-party styluses, we are bringing it back as soon as next major release. iOS 13 has a lot of changes and bugs and it affected our development schedule.

Thanks so much for your caring,


Viet Tran,

Thank you for the communication. Is is very much appreciated to hear from you.

I look forward to the new discussion board coming online and providing support in a transparent environment.


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It is for me. I too have been a user for many years, yet when the file conversion took place a majority of my files were corrupted and not usable.

Tech support suggested many attempts to restore the data, yet none were successful. I switched, with much reluctance, to a competitor. I do not believe the highly touted alternative is as good as the old NotesPlus. Yet, it is reliable.

When the reviews on this site return to positive, I may switch back. Yet, I am not seeing much progress.


It is with great sadness that I report Notes Plus is dead to me too. It was a great app. It may be again. But I simply cannot trust it after the Great Crash paralyzed my production. I am still taking time when I can spare it, wading through the daunting morass of 20 copies of EVERYTHING to pluck out the really important documents that I will continue to need in the future, and converting to my new, inferior but hopefully more trustworthy, app. I am about a third of the way through my database.

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I’ve moved onto another app which has a number of features I actually prefer. I’m getting everything notes+ had, and a handful of extras I really enjoy.

I’m backing all my notes up into Evernote. If there’s one thing this episode taught me, it was never trust 3rd party apps with your data. Even when they use Cloud storage.

I’ve been a developer for many years. Not dissimilar to enterprise environments I support, its disappointing to witness the basic lack of understanding around the security and integrity of data.

Data loss invariably translates directly to Trust loss. This event wasn’t handled well on any front. Updates made it worse, and my notes never recovered. Every time I tried to open the app it just died. Even long after this was all meant to be fixed.

It’s not the first time nor the last time that I’ve had to make a big change in tooling. Small developers create awesome ideas, but the risk you take is their ability to react quickly and effectively when things go wrong. Big companies don’t always get it right either, but more often than not they have access to a bigger resource pool that can address the issue correctly, and quickly.


What app did you decide to move to?


I have been using good notes 5 now. After trying many apps like Noteshelf, notepad, notability I have settled with good notes. However the feel of writing is not the same as notes plus. This app has best inking engine but the app is broken since six months now. Everyday I check the forum with hope of new release…very sad