iPadOS beta issues


Just a heads up that Notes Plus doesn’t seem to work at all with iPadOS 13.0 beta. When you try to access notepads in folders it just hangs and never recovers.

Since I can’t actually use the app anymore I might switch to the Notes Plus beta program to help get it running there.

Due to all the ongoing issues with NP6 onwards I’ve switched to Apple notes. None the less this has been such a good app I’d like to see it keep evolving and improving.


Hi @Davobot,

Notes Plus is not yet optimized for iOS 13/iPadOS and therefore we highly recommend downgrading to iOS 12 for a better experience. iPadOS beta version is for developers to preview their apps, not for consumers. Please note beta version always has a lot of bugs that haven’t been fixed by app developers or Apple. We don’t recommend users to install iPadOS public beta version if you require your devices for important work.

We’re aiming to support Notes Plus for iOS 13 and iPadOS by the time the new OS launches officially in Fall.


It maybe depends on iPad version. I have Notes Plus 6.2.1 on iPad Pro 10.9 with latest iPadOS 13 beta and everything seems to be working.
Speed of writing is the same as on IOS 12, which unfortunately means that Good Notes a Notability are still faster (even with the basic pen ink style).
Best Regards,


No worries. Notes Plus is so untrustworthy I don’t use it for anything more important than a shopping list. The risk is too high for losing everything I have written. Very disappointing. And that has nothing to do with the newer ios.


We realize our syncing could impact to overall performance and we’re still looking for a better solution on making the inking more responsive. Ideally, when turning off iCloud sync under Auto Backup, you would see the performance is improved significantly. For newer iPadOS beta build, other apps would be working clunky with iCloud too - we’ll need to watch out for new know bugs & improvements. We’ll surely have a beta build when it comes to GM milestone for iPadOS.