iPad 2 - still working


I have been using NotesPlus for 8 years now on my iPad 2. There have been many upgrades to the app since I first started using it. I have two main issues in using NotesPlus and they both have nothing to do with the app but the hardware. My iPad 2 is a bit slow by today’s standard and I do have issues writing too fast and it just can’t keep up. I am also left handed and pushing a stylus across the screen doesn’t work very well as there is too much friction and it doesn’t glide smoothly.

I use NotesPlus for taking notes when I am not at my desk. When I get back to my desk, I e-mail a PDF of my notes to myself and transcribe them into OneNote. I keep the PDF version there as well for reference.

I also write hand written notes for people and then send them electronically or in some cases print them out and deliver that.

I like being able to quickly switch between pen colors and pen styles for different things. I don’t use the shapes too often but when I do need a shape, it is nice to be able to get a nice square square or round circle.

The addition to handwriting to text as part of the program was a very nice add. Being able to search on your handwriting is very cool.

Now I just need to upgrade to a new(er) iPad.