Insert space missing feature for hand writers


Hi noteplus,

I have been a prolific user of your noteplus app on iOS. I have been paperless for years and use it to handwrite all my notes with an iPad and pencil.

I can also appreciate in the world of note taking apps there is a lot of competition and each app seems to have a different focus.

My reason for this email:

  • A month or so go my files in noteplus all doubled. I had like 80 x2. Eventually I deleted them
  • I have tested most of the apps and paid for them. But until now I have kept using noteplus.

My comments:

  1. Your unique feature that I like is the cross out to erase. Nobody else has this and it was the feature that kept me using your app

  2. Observations on a few other aps that I would like (seen in OneNote )

  • ability to close notebooks easily. Your feature almost is as easy but OneNote is simpler. Minor issue
  • insert space.

Insert space is almost ignored in the reviews and feature set of OneNote. For me though it enhances handwriting notes into the digital age. This feature works far better than the circle cut and move. If I want I go back and expand an idea I just insert space and add my notes. Why this is so valuable is that it enables me to reorganise and structure topics and notes on the fly. No longer do I just have write notes in a linear way. It enables me make my notes far more useable. Please create a feature similar to this. For now I am trying to use OneNote. The feature is that useful I will give up auto erase.


iPad Pro 12.9 2G, iOS 12.3.1, NotesPlus 6.2, build 05.23.2019


I agree that this would be a very useful feature!