Inkredible doesn't show all my work (samsung tablet)


Hi I’m an happy Inkredible app user.
I think that this app is wonderful and extremely userful to write down notes for a student like I am.

But today my Samsung Tab S6 Lite updated and it seems that Inkredible has lost everything I created with it.

Looking into Folders, I saw that Inkredible folder has a Documents/Notebooks with all my works saved.
I can even copy them to my pc and open the index.html and everything is there.

BUT Inkredible still doesn’t show my works.

Help please, I need to open them!

One UI: 3.1
Android 11
Android security Patch: march 01 2021

Thank you for your help!



Hi Martina,
Very curious to learn you are having similar issue to what plagued the iOS version of this app developers ‘Notes Plus’ app.

Too much bad has already been spewed about how terrible this issue is. Nothing worse then losing everything. In digital it almost hurts more.

But all I can really provide here is praise for the developers choice of how to store this data. As you are seeing the data can be recovered by simply opening the document in a web browser. If it follows pattern of notes plus you will find each page or sub folder is a SVG file that is editable vector graphic file. Most other apps keep data in a format that isn’t accessible by other apps.

So right away if you haven’t already, and more importantly already been doing routinely, back up all your data to your pc and copy that again somewhere else if it is important to you.

Contact the developer directly. They may not be quick to respond but it seems like they do try to help people who reach out to them.