Importing from iCloud files


I stopped using Notesplus some months ago due to it not supporting saving to iCloud as an option. I was lured back by the news that syncing with iCloud is now possible, but is there an intention to be able to import files from iCloud? If so when, or have I missed something?


While we don’t integrated with iCloud Container (for Files app) to add as a cloud account under Import section, which allows to browse files within Notes Plus directly. There is still a handful tip for you: you can use Files app on iOS 11 or newer, then browse to your iCloud Drive folder, then open PDF/Doc files, then tap “Share” sheet and choose “Notes Plus” from the list to add your files into Notes Plus library for annotation. In Notes Plus, you can export files to “Files” app by going to Tools > Export, set Destination to “Another app”, then tap “Export”, when you see the “Share” sheet pops up, tap “Save to Files” and specify iCloud Drive folder to save the file into a folder.

In the future, we’ll use iOS’s Document Browser (similar to rather than using our custom library as in current version.