[IMPORTANT] Everything you need to know about Beta Testing on iOS


Install Beta Notes Plus build via TestFlight

We are using TestFlight for testing. Please follow the instructions you receive from TestFlight to complete the installation. You can install TestFlight on each of your iOS devices using the App Store.


While we are careful with the coding, there are still potential mistakes happening in edge cases that we may not cover well during our internal testing/development. If you decide to try out a beta version of Notes Plus for iPhone/iPad, please always keep in mind that this is pre-release software and you should therefore keep regular backups and not rely on the beta version if you rely on the app for meetings, essential notes, close deadlines, etc.


You can report new bugs in this topic or create a new topic to explain your bug reports with details (screenshots are highly appreciated). Please tell us your iPad model/iOS version so we can reproduce and fix bugs easier.

Who can try the beta versions

Everyone can try the beta versions of Notes Plus. But again only do so by taking the precautions mentioned above, and are aware of the risks.

What do I do encounter an issue or run into problems?

Please report them to us. Either here in the Beta section of the forum, or by sending an email.

Make sure you clearly mention you are using the beta version and provide as many details (descriptions, screenshots, example files) etc.

If I don’t want to risk it, will I have to wait long?

That’s hard to tell, some beta cycles can be short (a few days), others longer (a few weeks). In general though we try to keep it as short as possible and get it to you as soon as we can*.

What if I want to switch back to the regular version?

You can simply indicate you’d like to stop testing in the TestFlight App and you should no longer get updates. Simply install again the current version from the App Store again and use it to replace the beta.


We would like to thank everyone who is willing to help us beta test Notes Plus and make it better.

Happy Testing!
Notes Plus Team

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About TestFlight, how to get Started…

We use Apple’s TestFlight system to distribute Notes Plus for iOS beta builds. You will find more information about TestFlight on this page .

To install the app and/or when you are asked to enter a redemption code follow these instructions from the above page:

Installing Beta Apps
You can install beta apps on up to 30 devices.

To install beta apps from an invitation email on your iOS device:

  • Open your invitation email.
  • Tap Start Testing in TestFlight.
  • Tap Accept, Install, or Update.

To install beta apps from an invitation email on a different device:

  • Open your invitation email on the other device.
  • Tap Start Testing. You will be taken to a webpage with a redemption code.
  • Open the TestFlight app on the iOS device you would like to test with.
  • Go to Redeem and enter the redemption code.