Howto restore your lost notebooks (time is running out)


If you’re like me, a Noteplus user for ~5 years, you’ve been gut-punched twice this week. First when you found out they broke the app you paid for and corrupted your library of notes, and a second time when you found out that they overwrote your backups with their corrupted files.

If you’re using iCloud there is hope! iCloud allows you to restore deleted files for up to 25 or so days (I updated on Sunday and have 21 days left to restore).

  1. Un-sync the dumpster fire that is the Notes Plus app, then log into iCloud.
  2. Navigate to settings
  3. Choose ‘Restore Files’ under the Advanced section
  4. You should see your files here

My screen appeared to freeze after I started the process and threw an error, however I could see from the iCloud folder on my machine that it was indeed still updating the files, so I’ll leave it alone for a while (I had 1,700+ files to restore).

Be proactive; restore your files. You know these bozos aren’t going to fix the problem for you.


Hi @Polartx

So sorry about this experience. I understand how bad it feels when our app update is interfering with your data like this.

This is very hard to explain why things were messed up badly in recent updates. We had to migrate the data to new single format for iCloud, otherwise our resource files could cause some major issues related to iOS Storage Optimization.

Apparently the data migration could cause data duplication, by investigating many notebooks sent by users, we realize the data is still there, but the app couldn’t fully convert to new file format or the app could “see” them as a normal notebooks.

Users who are stuck with the data migration, we’ll send a TestFlight build to remedy this issue (users can have the migration process running in background mode).

For the data duplication, users can backup entire “NotesPlus” folder on iCloud Drive to a local folder. We’re improving our data migration tool to convert remaining data which was left from previous version so it can resume the migration process.


Its now been 7 days since I haven’t had access to any of my notes. I’ve been a paid user and evangelist of Notes Plus for over 4 years now, but I can’t believe that the talent that created the best Note taking app in a very competitive market could screw up this badly, leaving their users high and dry. At this point you would have to assume that some of your users have failed courses or lost jobs because your latest build wiped out libraries of notes, and subsequently destroyed their backups.

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Migration has been running for 5 days, still stuck at 27 percent . I’ve followed every suggestion, still nothing and iCloud backup is toast. 3 years of notes lost, that I cannot replace.
Searching for another app, nothing more to say