How to set password protection for a notebook or folder in Notes Plus?


You may not want everyone to see everything and it’s important to understand how to password protect your notebook/folder. This video walks you through the steps to create password protection in Notes Plus app for iPhone/iPad.


Would be good if you guys support Touch ID for accessing protected notebooks/folders!


What do you do if you forgot the password? I haven’t been able to find a way to reset password.


You will need to connect your iPad with iTunes and delete the NAppProperties.plist file to reset password protection in Notes Plus (this prevents others from breaking your password protection). Here goes with the steps to reset password:

  1. Exit the app from the background: from the Home screen, double-press the Home button to reveal the background dock, and swipe up on the Notes Plus screenshot.
  2. Go to “Notes Plus Documents” via iTunes File Sharing (see ), select NAppProperties.plist and hit the Delete key on your keyboard.
  3. Relaunch Notes Plus and you’re set to create a new password protection

Note: if you enabled iCloud sync-ing before, you’ll need to go to Library > Auto Backup > turn on iCloud again to see the data.

Please see if this works or you have other questions and we’re happy to help!