Eraser problems, undo button isn’t working right, can not see pop ups


I have had notes plus for a week and am already having problems.

  1. My eraser will not permanently erase. If I erase something and then use the pen again, whatever I just erase shows up.

  2. My undo button will not undo in order, it randomly undoes things that I did previous steps before.

  3. I cannot reset the app because the pop up is off the screen and does not allow me to select an option. This also happens if I delete or clear a page … I cannot see the pop up box with the options to say okay or what not.

Please help,



For your first point move to a page (back or forth) then come back. For me it’s working.
For the last 2 points no I haven’t fin any bypass.


Thank you I will give that a try.


I had this issue too, and the solution proposed by Emeric worked for me. After erasing something move the page and then return.