Dramatic slowdown after selecting text


Hi all fellow beleaguered Notes Plus faithful

For the last few months I have been experiencing a new issue with a feature I use heavily and which has become a real obstacle to productivity.

I’ve noticed a dramatic slowdown happens whenever I select a portion of handwritten text, e.g. to move it around, or to copy and then paste it. The larger the selection, the slower the response becomes to any subsequent stroke. If a large portion of a page is selected, it can take up to 10s for a finger stroke to be acknowledged, effectively making it impossible to move blocks of text around.

The problem can be somewhat mitigated by restarting the app - select and move works best during the first few seconds of use. After about a minute however things slow down tremendously.

I am running the latest NP 6.3.7 and iOS 13.3 on a 6th gen iPad with plenty of available memory and no problems on other apps, so the issue must be with NP itself.

I had some suspicion the issue might have something to do with the aftermath of the Great Multi-Copy Screw-Up of a few months back, which affected me badly. However, I have now run the data migration tool and cleaned up my files, as well as my Dropbox backup, and the problem persists.

Any advice, apart from finally giving up on this app I still dearly love despite everything?


Sorry, I can’t offer help but I keep looking at posts here and eagerly waiting for this dead app to come it’s old glory as this used to be best notes taking app. I have now good notes, notability but still prefer this app if it works well.



Update: on Jan 2 I was contacted directly by Viet Tran concerning this issue (in reply to a support request email which I had also sent to Writeon, in parallel to my post here in the forum).

He requested video evidence of the problem, which I provided on Jan 8. Haven’t heard anything back yet, but at least it seems that they are still trying to stamp out these ever nastier bugs.
Fingers crossed

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I guess, slowly but steadily people move on. I am/have been an almost 10 year loyal supporter and user of NP. However, the silence made me look for an alternative. The issues are not the reason, mistakes happen. Not responding to users, this pushed me out.

After a couple of days w/ GoodNotes, I have to say the only two things which I like better w/ NP is the look of the Inking as well as simply circling something to move it instead of selecting a lasso.