Disappearing notes


I can write pages of notes, go to another app, then return to NotesPlus to find they have all disappeared. I go to another app again, return to NotesPlus and maybe they have come back again. I annotate notes made earlier then next time find my annotations have disappeared. In other words the app has become totally unreliable. This started happening after the last update. I use an iPad Pro with the the latest iOS and an Apple Pencil first generation. Can anyone help?


I have the same problem. It’s really annoying! I am using IOS 13.2. Have not found a solution yet


I have the same problem. This thread is >7 months old, and it still happens in 2020. I have seen other comments about this online as well. Why hasn’t this been fixed?

Also just since recently I have had notebooks go corrupt, weird uneditable blank pages that are added at the end of a notebook, and iCloud sync issues destroying notebooks or creating duplicate notebooks.

I have been using Notes Plus for years now, which much happiness, but now I have completely lost trust in this app. :frowning: I need to be able to rely on a note taking app.