Data loss on current document


Simply losing text / data

This seems to occur when I leave the document to check out another app. On returning to the Notes screen, the last para written has simply disappeared. Not convinced this is a sync issue

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Running main version 6.0.2 build 4.10.2019 here. I am having the same problem. I use Notes plus primarily by creating text boxes and typing my notes about my activities in there. For about two weeks now I have notices that when I create text, close the active text box, then leave the app and return one or more text boxes are no longer visible. Tapping the area where the missing text was located causes the little check in a circle icon to appear at the place where the upper right corner would have been, but it disappears when tapped. No text box outline, box menu, or text appears. This is a huge problem - I have based my field work on Notes Plus almost since it first came out. I can no longer rely on it and have returned to paper notebooks until this is resolved. If it is not resolved quickly I will have to abandon the program altogether. Help!


Hi @dloudon,

We’re really sorry about the problem!

This is most likely related to our iCloud Drive syncing functionality. Would you please do us a favor and check something related to this concern? Let’s proceed this: open Files app on your iPad, go to iCloudDrive > NotesPlus > Notebooks, do you see your files showing there? Then, check for concerned notebook folder there, open a page number folder (i.e folder “1”, “2”, “3”, etc…), open “page.svg” file and see if it shows your content fully for that page? Also, do you see the small blue arrow next to your resource files (indicated those files have been caching to iCloud server and they don’t remain/saved on local storage at the moment). If so, try to tap on the “blue arrow” icon to get it loaded back to your device’s local disk and switch back to Notes Plus library, do you see the content appearing this time? In any case, you can try to restore the data from iCloud in these steps:

  • Go to Notes Plus > Library Navigation > Auto Backup > turn off iCloud Drive syncing
  • Download “Notebooks” folder from iCloud Drive folder on Mac/Windows (read this
  • Compress “Notebooks” folder (or just specific notebook folders you want to restore) as .zip file (in any name)
  • Connect your iPad into computer via Lightning cable
  • Locate to Notes Plus Documents in iTunes File Sharing (see
  • Drag the .zip file back into Notes Plus Documents
  • Re-launch Notes Plus app, wait for a moment and your notebooks will appear.

Would this help you access the notebooks correctly this time?

We’ll release another update next week to rectify some data loss instances with our current version.