Customize Covers


I don´t know why has it take so long to be enable the option of customize our own covers with our own images. Its seems to me to be so simple for a powerful app. I don´t get it.

I hope this can be done soon.

Congratulations for the forum


Thanks so much for your feedback, @Toninomex !

You notice it right, we should have added the option to customize notebook covers (and of course custom paper background too). These are 2 long-awaited features in our product pipeline that we haven’t got a chance to tackle it :frowning: When we wanted to implement it, something else with high priority popping up and our plan was changed. It shouldn’t be that hard to implement these 2 features.

Now, we have a new iOS Dev added to the team recently, we’ll resume to work on this task for sure! We admit our current built-in notebook covers are looking outdated (if not to say the entire app UI - it needs a big UI overhaul).

We’ll be more actively on updating our development progress as we have this forum.

Please keep yelling us for items we haven’t added into Notes Plus. A little more pressure from users definitely help us concentrate on our plan!


Thank you
I also believe that a healthy community will be your mayor asset.
Congratulations and please, let us know an ETA for this issue.

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I think transparency will be the key and our forum could help us share more about what’s going on here from us. Facebook/Twitter is good but it’s hard to search for discussions.

Can’t give an estimated timeframe as the team is sorting out some issues with iCloud Drive syncing. Once we’re done with this release, we should work on the notebook cover customization!

By the way, how would you want to see the notebook cover customization feature works in Notes Plus, @Toninomex ? Should we leave the first page of a notebook for users to design/decorate the notebook covers?

Thanks for tipping us some insights on this feature - we’ll fine tune our feature based on feedback from users!


You can keep this page of course to develop the topic.

Custom covers are useful for quickly identification file, + a nice touch of everyone lifestyle.

So the easiest way to add the functions will be to be able to add an image from the gallery, than can be editable in size for an easy adding.

Another useful idea will be the chance to add “colors separators” to separate sections in the same file.
Right now I do it by adding a paper of different color but that doesn´t allow the pages that can be added (retractable-extendable) to that section.

At the end, what we are searching is to manage all our job in the same tool.