Critical folder management bug


Very long time, very frustrated user.

Moving pages around within a folder causes a variety of annoying bugs, including:

  1. no effect whatsoever (the page is not moved)
  2. random renaming of pages to ‘untitled’
  3. random renaming of pages to other page name in the folder
  4. at random times, when #2 happens, it also COMPLETELY OVERWRITES the content of the page

Here’s an example:

At this point the app is too unreliable to use and I’ve stopped recommending it to friends.


Agreed. I’ve had pages disappearing too

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I’m in the same place. Lost most of my work for 2019 and can’t recover because i used Drop Box for backups instead of iCloud (I live on a PC by day, not a mac) :woman_facepalming:

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This issue is really driving us crazy in the last few weeks! The issue happens for a reason: it’s connected to our iCloud Drive syncing. We’ll post an announcement on this soon on the forum. This is a complex issue and it’s caused when iOS starts to optimize files (evict Notes Plus app to iCloud Drive and put a placeholder - something like a shortcut on local so Notes Plus doesn’t retrieve all required resource files for rendering notebook content - thus it causes data corruption). Our solution is we’re moving to packaged notebook file which means each notebook is a single file, hopefully this would solve the issue with corrupted library.

We need beta testers, if you’re interest in testing this feature, please give us a hand and register a testing slot here. We’re really sorry for this. It really hurts us badly - thus we launch the forum so users can discuss/share experience about this, a place for users connect each other.

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See my reply in previous post on this thread to explain briefly what has happened.

For the pages disappearing, let’s try a few things: open Files app on your iPad, go to iCloudDrive > NotesPlus > Notebooks, do you see your files showing there? Then, check for concerned notebook folder there, do you see the small blue arrow next to your resource files (indicated those files have been cached to iCloud server and they don’t save on local storage at the moment). If so, try to tap on the “blue arrow” icon to get it loaded back to your device’s local disk and switch back to Notes Plus library, do you see the content appearing this time? In any case, you can try to restore the data from iCloud in these steps:

  • Go to Notes Plus > Library Navigation > Auto Backup > turn off iCloud Drive syncing
  • Download “Notebooks” folder from iCloud Drive folder on Mac/Windows (read this
  • Compress “Notebooks” folder (or just specific notebook folders you want to restore) as .zip file (in any name)
  • Connect your iPad into computer via Lightning cable
  • Locate to Notes Plus Documents in iTunes File Sharing (see
  • Drag the .zip file back into Notes Plus Documents
  • Re-launch Notes Plus app, wait for a moment and your notebooks will appear.

Would this help you access the notebooks correctly this time?


So sorry to hear about this. Could you please describe more about that case? Please take a look at this Dropbox’s Support article and let us know if you see any changed files are from Notes Plus?


A little more information. Early in April I submitted a support ticket because I was experiences etensive loss of content. The response recommended that I disable Cloud Backup and wait for the update that was a few days away.

I disabled backup (I use DropBox not iCloud) and updated as soon as it was available.

I am still losing pages when moving them, most other issues seem to be resolved.

So it looks like the instructions for recovering pages from iCloud work for DropBox files as well. I disabled the backups before the last update set, so many of my pages might be there still.

I just made a copy of all of my notebook backups in case :slight_smile:

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I’ve been doing more bug testing the last few days and the disappearing pages is happening in another way as well:

Whenever I add a new page to an existing notebook, it deletes whatever the last page in the notebook is. This doesn’t happen immediately (sometimes it only vanishes once I leave and reopen the notebook).

Other times the page doesn’t disappear but merely the entire content is erased.

This occurs regardless of how I add a page to the notebook (either the arrow or the plus button in the toolbar).

Also, to clarify, I have neither iCloud backup nor Dropbox backup enabled (a little foolish, but it at least proves this issue is not related to those things).

NotesPlus team, I can’t express how much I’ve loved using this app over the years. I am very grateful to you. But I just can’t keep going anymore. It’s costing me too much valuable time and especially very valuable work.

I first brought these issues to your attention 18 months ago and nothing has been done since. I can’t wait any longer. (Also, as a long-time user, I get the sense you feel it’s more important to add new features to attract new users than to maintain a stable app for long-time users).

I will be transferring to another app.

It’s frustrating because Notes Plus used to work flawlessly. Perhaps too much tweaking with a good thing.

Best of luck to all.


Same issue, with DropBox…tried the procedure above, no success though…!


We’re very close to another update for Notes Plus. We know what has caused to these data loss issues so we decided to use a new data structure called packaged notebook file so resource files aren’t accidentally being cached by iOS (that leads to blank pages in our app). Now, each notebook is a single file. If somehow iOS optimizes storage and evicting files from us, users can just simply tap on the notebook with a cloud icon to download it back.


Hi Brad,

We have fixed many bugs related to data loss and would you please help us test whether those mentioned bugs are still happening with our latest beta build? Instructions/Testing Notes for Beta build via TestFlight is described here [Beta Build] Notes Plus v6.1 with packaged notebook sync is ready for download on TestFlight.

We have some public testing slots so you can sign up your device and use latest beta build. We’ve been testing very extensively, but there are still cases we couldn’t cover as our notebook data set couldn’t never enough for checking all possible cases. Your help would be appreciated!


Beta shows as full. I’m in the same place as Brad. I lose too much content easy time I edit or make a note. I thought I was losing my mind for a while. LMK when it is safe to use again.


I just extended more slots for our beta build using above TestFlight link. If you’re unable to install it, please send me a personal message your Apple ID email in community site or - I’ll add you to the testing pool.


Can you use the rewind feature of Dropbox to get back a copy of your backup folder ?


I’m still going crazy over lost notes and continuous duplicates. I’ve lost notes Since I started using app in 2017. Why are we still losing notes and even notes since the supposed fix update?j


I’m also a long term user and advocate of NP. Yesterday my 4m old Ipad wouldn’t start. Apple replaced on the spot (said it was a known error) . I restored from back up and everything went well except Notes Plus. I then went to my Dropbox backup and the auto backup has been doing updates but none of my notes have backed up past March so i’ve lost 6m of notes. I can see in time machine that the files have been updates but the notes themselves haven’t.

I had no idea this was an issue with so many people until i searched the community and found all these threads about data loss. Very irresponsible to not advise users of a know issue that’s so critical.

I have so much client sensitive and irreplaceable data i can’t imagine how I recover from this.


Since you mention Time Machine, you probably have a Mac. If you have saved a backup of your previous iPad in iTunes, you should be able to restore your notebooks from the iTunes File Sharing menu.

See instructions here, under “how do I manually backup and restore…”:




I have been losing notes as well. Doesn’t happen immediately. When closing a notebook, or when switching apps the last written notes disappear, sometimes the page is gone as well. Same as mentioned here in this thread.

I turned off Cloud Syncing, because I read here on the forum that that might prevent data loss. Sorry, it doesn’t! It still happens. :frowning:


Just FYI, most of us have quit using NotesPlus and have switched to a more reliable note-taking app. I recommend Notability or GoodNotes.

The developers have clearly abandoned the app and their incompetence has cost us untold amounts of lost notes. Best of luck and cheers.