[Beta Build] Notes Plus v6.1 with packaged notebook sync is ready for download on TestFlight


The first beta build for Notes Plus is now available for registered beta testers on TestFlight! Testers should receive beta builds via your email. You can get access to the beta program by registering your interest through leaving a post in this topic . We’ll be regularly adding new testers to TestFlight.

Install Beta Notes Plus build via TestFlight

We are using TestFlight for testing. Please follow the instructions you receive from TestFlight to complete the installation. You can install TestFlight on each of your iOS devices using the App Store.

Changelog for v6.1

  • Improve iCloud sync-ing stability: In this version, Notes Plus implemented a packaged notebook where all content and metadata files are packaged in one notebook file. We found in our internal testing that this way solved blank page issue due to iOS caching problem. Also, we developed a UI for users to manually download notebook when it’s cached and not available locally. We still need to polish our UI for downloading cached files in subsequent beta builds. Users can open Files.app on iPad, go to iCloud Drive > Notes Plus > Notebooks > now each notebook is a single package file (in production app, you would see each notebook is a folder with a bunch of resource files inside the notebook folder name). Packaged notebok file will help improve stability for syncing.
  • We also fixed some PDF rendering issues


While we are careful with the coding, there are still potential mistakes happening in edge cases that we may not cover well during our internal testing/development. If you decide to try out a beta version of Notes Plus for iPhone/iPad, please always keep in mind that this is pre-release software and you should therefore keep regular backups and not rely on the beta version if you rely on the app for meetings, essential notes, close deadlines, etc.

Important Note: Our beta build will overwrite the production Notes Plus app that you installed on App Store. You are advised to backup your important data in Notes Plus via iTunes in this process:

  • Open Notes Plus
  • Go to Library > Auto Backup > tap Stop to turn off iCloud Drive syncing
  • Choose to keep the data remained on your local disk
  • Now, backup all the notebooks via iTunes as shown in next steps
  • Connect your iPad to computer via USB cable
  • Launch iTunes, locate to Notes Plus Documents via iTunes File Sharing (see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4094 )
  • Select “Notebooks” folder and drag it out of iTunes
  • The “Notebooks” folder should contain all your notebook resource files. Keep it safe on local folder or archive it to somewhere which can be accessed later (you can compress entire “Notebooks” as zip file for easy archived).
  • Then, install Notes Plus on TestFlight
  • Re-enable iCloud Drive and start testing the new packaged notebook system


You can report new bugs in this topic or create a new topic to explain your bug reports with details (screenshots are highly appreciated). Please tell us your iPad model/iOS version so we can reproduce and fix bugs easier.

Who can try the beta versions

Everyone can try the beta versions of Notes Plus. But again only do so by taking the precautions mentioned above, and are aware of the risks.

What do I do encounter an issue or run into problems?

Please report them to us. Either here in the Beta section of the forum, or by sending an email.

Make sure you clearly mention you are using the beta version and provide as many details (descriptions, screenshots, example files) etc.

If I don’t want to risk it, will I have to wait long?

That’s hard to tell, some beta cycles can be short (a few days), others longer (a few weeks). In general though we try to keep it as short as possible and get it to you as soon as we can*.

What if I want to switch back to the regular version?

You can simply indicate you’d like to stop testing in the TestFlight App and you should no longer get updates. Simply install again the current version from the App Store again and use it to replace the beta.


We would like to thank everyone who is willing to help us beta test Notes Plus and make it better.

Happy Testing!
Notes Plus Team

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Critical folder management bug

We have some limited slots for those who want to test our new beta build v6.1 (with new packaged notebook sync and more bug fixes). First come first serve :slight_smile:

Tap to open this link https://testflight.apple.com/join/DHJexhQq on your iPhone/iPad to install our beta build (you should have TestFlight app installed on your device first)

CAUTION: kindly read our important message at the top of this post for things you should be aware when using beta builds


You write that this beta replaces the official Notes Plus app; is this new? (Doesn’t Testflight versions install separately?)

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TestFlight beta build will always replace the official Notes Plus app, this is a standard behavior of any beta builds via Test Flights. For new apps, they must submit as a new App ID, something like a brand new app, but we’re not doing so because that wouldn’t give us a chance to test data migration from current version to our newer version. You can just backup your important data first, then proceed beta build install as usual. Otherwise, kindly wait for our official updates if you use Notes Plus on daily basis then.


New build has been submitted to TestFlight. See changelog and what to test on my attached screenshot :wink: (tap the image to enlarge)

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Good to see handwritten changelog like this? I want to join beta tester team too!

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I tried this beta build but it crashes about 500 ms after launch. I tried a restart and a cold restart after install. Nothing saved it. Re-installed the current app store version and it works with known issues.

iPad Pro 10.5
256 GB
iOS 12.2

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This is a serious bug - we would like to find out what’s happening. Could you please try to reset the app and re-install beta build. I consider such bug as showstopper. Your further information is highly appreciated!


I don’t understand. What do you mean by “reset the app”?

I should also mention that I was/am using Dropbox for backup now! But am willing to switch to iCloud. Is there a benefit to you, my testing with Dropbox?


Ah, I meant to perform these steps: go to App Settings (under Tool popup), scroll down to the bottom of the popup and tap on the button next to “Reset to Default Settings”.

By the way, please hold on - we’re uploading a new beta build via TestFlight with some bug fixes for Dropbox - you can try again.


Hi @JGar,

We’ve just released new beta build via TestFlight. Please try again if the issue still occurs?



This could be our final beta build for v6.1 with packaged notebook sync. New changes:

  • Fix many bugs about iCloud sync
  • Improve syncing performance
  • Improve Dropbox sync logic

Please do an extensive testing round for all the aspects of our app before official release. Send bug report to support@notesplusapp.com or https://community.writeon.cool - thanks a lot for your testing effort!


What exactly is the “packaged” sync supposed to be? I have 29 notebooks but sync 741 files that total about 50 MB.


Hi Joe,

We’re trying to have another beta build to address this issue. What you observed in the screenshot is obviously a bug when somehow meta file is missing and Notes Plus reads your files as folders rather than actual notebooks.

​Let me explain a bit about packaged notebook file.

​In previous version, each notebook is a folder containing bunch of resource files inside and while it worked well for Dropbox syncing, iCloud server doesn’t like our resource file structure approach. Problem occurs when the iOS optimizes files on iCloud (this is a system feature called iOS Storage Optimization). In some cases there is not sufficient local storage available for all of a user’s iCloud Data, the system will address this by optimized subset of files and other data objects locally, and the system would evict files of our app to iCloud server. If some of our resource files are evicted, then the page becomes corrupted (we didn’t handle this case well in previous version). Thus, we have to package all resource files into a “packaged notebook file”, each notebook now becomes a single packaged file (rather than a bunch of resource files storing in a notebook folder). This will help to eliminate many issues related to iOS Storage Optimization. When a notebook in Notes Plus is being optimized and evicted to iCloud server, users will see a blue cloud icon next to notebook name, users will need to tap on it to tell iOS fetching the notebook back to local storage so Notes Plus can display your content. This is a common behaviors for other document-based apps using iCloud syncing (i.e Pages/Numbers/Keynotes).

​You can open Files.app and check for all files from Notes Plus.


I am wondering about what’s happening with the beta. I installed beta 7 a few weeks ago and have not seen any fixes come forth in new beta builds. Could we got a status update? Please.


Hi @JGar,

We’ll be resuming beta testing soon. The app got some issues required our instant actions for fixing on the production build. We’ll keep you posted.