Apple Pencil 1 on 9.7 vs Pro with Pencil 2


Anyone have experience moving to iPad Pro with the Pencil 2?
I have been using this app for several years and only got a Pencil 1 Last year. Before that I had a 53 stylus. The Apple Pencil is a great improvement.

Can anyone describe any improvement in the Pencil 2 (pro) from a writing standpoint. I see the button helps to quickly switch app function, but I am more interested in the writing experience. For example does the pressure sensitivity help in anyway? Does Notes Plus recognize pressure?

Right now I am using a recent 9.7 inch iPad. It’s great in most ways, but I am ok with upgrading to an iPad Pro with pencil 2 if it will actually improve my experience inside of Notes Plus.

Any tips on the smaller Pro model vs the larger one? I do like the smaller form fact in general, but would go large if the Notes Plus experiences really opens up on the larger form factor.

Thanks your thoughts in advance.