App behaving badly


I’ve noticed two things happening recently

  • when I continue to write into a document, 2 versions are being saved. One has information to the previous time I wrote in the article and one has the information from the most recent entry. Why would this be happening

  • I clicked into the App yesterday and every one of my files now appears in duplicate - each paid of files is identical - why has this happened and do I now have to delete one of each pair manually


LOL You must be new here…


Yes I am but not sure what your comment means - just trying to get some help!


Notes Plus only recently changed file format to better accommodate iCloud storage optimization features. As a result pre-existing notebooks suffered duplication issues as it broke the synch (autobackup) feature. This has appeared in several places in the forum -hence the previous snarky reply.

Search for data duplication or similar to find threads dealing with this issue. Duty also posted a procedure for recovering from this loop during sync.

You should mention in future posts at least the version of the app you are using and what cloud you use for auto backup.